Another great success for LINK edu Alliance: International School wins the prestigious award “The Globee® Awards – Education Hero of the Year”

LINK edu Alliance institutions continue to succeed on an international level:
International School has won a flattering award “Gold Globee® Winner” in the category “Education Hero of the Year” thanks to distinctive results when it comes to enabling the highest teaching quality and providing immaculate work and education conditions during the pandemic.

International awards only for the best

“The Globee® Awards'' is a prestigious international award and a valuable honour which is given once a year for distinctive success and considerable accomplishments in the most important professional areas. Organisations of all kinds and sizes, big, medium and small companies, schools of all education levels and successful individuals from all over the world compete for valuable awards in numerous categories, while the lucky winners are able to receive a trophy, plaquette and a medal directly from the USA. The absolute winner in each category wins the “Gold Globee® Winner” award, while those who rank 2nd and 3rd receive the „Silver Globee® Winner” and „Bronze Globee® Winner” awards.
In the highest professional circles around the globe, “The Globee® Awards” is a prestigious award given for exceptional results, great accomplishments and remarkable performance, which is why its winners are greatly honoured.
This is why we are especially proud, since a LINK edu Alliance institution has found its place among this year’s winners.
International School was declared an absolute winner, being awarded the golden globe in a highly appreciated category, “Education Hero of the Year”. The international selection committee, consisting of prominent business people and proven experts in the field of education, confirmed that International School managed to:
·         enable a flawless teaching process during the pandemic;
·         provide high-quality teaching in the state of emergency;
·         perform a simple and easy transition to e-learning by means of the DL platform;
·         give authentic support both to students and teachers, thanks to which students were able to devote to studying without any stress, which enabled them to achieve exceptional results even during this period.
Among a serious competition consisting of the world’s best schools and educational institutions, the unanimous conclusion is that International School has demonstrated the highest level of responsibility, comprehensive support, technical conditions and competencies, which is how the school managed to ensure top-quality lessons during the pandemic. Owing to this approach, International School students, unlike their peers from other schools, had a unique approach to education in accordance with the highest standards. Thanks to these undoubted accomplishments, International School, as part of LINK edu Alliance, has become this year’s Gold Globee® Winner.

LINK edu Alliance – a place where champions grow

A characteristic of all LINK edu Alliance institutions is an endless devotion to creating and providing modern, high-quality education. High competencies and selfless dedication of teachers and the entire staff are only a few of the traits that make LINK edu Alliance stand out on a global level. The prestigious acknowledgement that International School was given proves that such efforts are recognised and highly valued.
Owing to the mission and vision that LINK edu Alliance tirelessly strives to achieve, this international school is not only able to compete with the world’s best schools when it comes to education quality, but it also sets new standards for others to follow. This award only confirms this fact.
Namely, as a proud “Gold Globee® Winner” in the category “Education Hero of the Year”, International School has been selected as the example of flawless practice that should inspire other secondary schools.
Thanks to the unique DL platform used by all LINK edu Alliance institutions, International School students and teachers were acquainted and educated in giving online lessons from the start. Furthermore, the support and readiness available within LINK edu Alliance have enabled top-quality lessons and helped all participants to continue to achieve high results.
LINK edu Alliance continues to set standards and push the boundaries of global modern education.


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