ALUM students invite people to LINK2job employment fair with unusual performance

While many of our neighbors were enjoying Labor Day across well-known Belgrade getaways, a group of students from the Academy of Fine Arts and Multimedia attracted their attention with an employment-themed flash mob.
The students surprised the picnickers when they walked into the crowds with banners saying “Knowledge wins!”, “Happy Labor Day! Do you have a job?”, “Activate yourself!”, “Join the world of successful people!”, “Opportunities don't happen – you create them!”.
Once they showed their banners, the students performed an interesting choreography with music in order to display their creative solution for unemployment on a huge banner saying: LOOKING FOR A JOB? LINK UP – MAY 12 – Hotel Jugoslavija.

Important message for all citizens

The students used their performance to invite all citizens to the large LINK2job Employment Fair that will take place on May 12 at the Hotel Jugoslavija. The fair is organized by the Center for Career Development with support from the City of Belgrade and the National Employment Service.
LINK2job performance
The following first-year acting students in the class of professors Božidar Đurović and Hadži Nenad Maričić took part in the flash mob: Jovana Tomičić, Strahinja Padežanin, Branka Milović, Marko Nikolić, Milica Marjanović, Marija Stanković, Jovana Golubović, Milan Tošić, Aleksa Raičević, Radomirka Šarić, Katarina Živković, Nina Stamenković, Stefan Stanojević, Marija Vujinović, as well as MA drama student Nikola Ugrinović. The choreography was designed by MA student Ana Dragićević.
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