Constant tendency toward advancement and innovation in the sphere of education has always led us a step further, and higher, in providing knowledge and skills for students at our educational institutions. 
LINK group is the creator of the first Serbian platform for e-Learning – Distance Learning System, and special method of quick and easy learning – Architecture of Knowledge.
As a unique methodology, Architecture of Knowledge is our copyrighted work, registered and deposited at the Republic of Serbia’s Intellectual Property Office, under registration number 2014/329 A-2014/0019 – Metoda „Arhitektura saznanja”.
You can join the study process in two ways that will enable you to acquire knowledge quickly and easily. Each of these ways has been specially developed in order to contribute, through selection of the most adequate learning methodology, to respecting the student’s educational needs and reaching the planned competencies. You can attend classes through distance learning (via DL platform) or traditionally.

Distance Learning 

Distance learning or DL enables user to attend classes entirely from home, or another place the student chooses. This mode of education is adjusted to all students who need to choose the time and place for attending classes and performing their study-related tasks themselves.

Materials always available via the Internet

Students who opted for this mode of learning can access all materials at the DL platform, from any location - the only prerequisite is an internet connection. On the platform, they have courses assigned to them, containing text materials, multimedia, tests for exercise, practical tasks, recommended literature, repository with additional materials, official knowledge assessment tests... 

Multimedia material on CD as well

Multimedia material is regularly delivered to students on CD, too, at their home address, wherever they are in the world. Therefore, everything that is necessary for complete and efficient adoption of necessary knowledge and skill, thanks to DL platform, is available both online and offline, at any place and at any time, without limitations.

Live stream and video archive of classes

According to their own choice, students can also follow live stream of classes (real-time broadcast of “live” lectures), otherwise intended for students who take classes traditionally, during which they can ask the lecturer questions via chat. Classes can also be followed subsequently, thanks to video archive of all classes. Live stream for DL users is an additional resource for all who want to upgrade their knowledge in this way.


Interaction with teachers

During online studies, interaction is not missing - on the contrary. During DL studies, students have the option of asking the course conductor questions, after which they will receive high-quality, in-detail feedback regarding all practical tasks they do during the education process. This ensures dynamics in the learning process and practical application of the acquired knowledge.

Chat and whiteboard consultations

Students also have at their disposal special appointed times for chat or whiteboard consultations, realized by course conductor for the group in question, where they receive additional assistance in the learning process. Besides regular communication with teachers by email, they are available for questions and dilemmas at the appointed time.

EDU wall

In order to provide active learning experience to DL students, some courses also involve forums and EDU walls, that serve for discussion, exchange of experiences, knowledge and skills among students, which promotes learning and opens possibilities for creation and transfer of knowledge. Exchange of experiences, publishing of works, public solving of problems and mutual interaction considerably advances the knowledge adoption process.

Progress and success plan

DL platform provides a learning support system for students, which involves detailed insight into planned activities, degree of success, recommendations regarding the pace of advancement, frequently asked questions (FAQ), glossary, submitted works database, access to all important instructions, as well as simple way of sending all questions, ideas and suggestions.



Classroom teaching - traditional

Traditional learning at our educational institutions is similar to blended learning, i.e., traditional teaching largely enriched by all advantages of use of modern technology, and provides performing of a great number of activities from home, as well. 


Modern computer laboratories and live stream

Students opting for traditional classes in modernly equipped computer labs can also follow classes via live stream if they are unable to attend in person. During live stream, they can ask the teacher questions, and they can also access the footage through accessing video archive, which provides yet another way of fulfilling all study-related obligations. 

Live consultations with teachers

Consultations with teachers “face to face” as an integral part of education contribute to thoroughness and efficiency of the way of accessing knowledge and skills. Consultations constitute an excellent opportunity to solve dilemmas if there happen to be any, and receive answers to all questions that will make further learning easier, through conversation with teachers about the study material.


Final project as icing on the cake of adopted knowledge

In order to motivate our students to implement and show what they have learned during education in practice, a part of said education implies creating a final project. Besides being the best presentation and confirmation of acquired knowledge, this work also constitutes one of the strongest references for successful further career. 

Free DL courses

The way of learning at our educational institutions is supported by various services and free courses from the fields of career development, leading a business, business etiquette, and other areas important for comprehensive development of a successful professional, regardless of the profession. In this way, students can get acquainted with the distance learning methodology, which prepares them for future participation in such process which constitutes standard form of employee advancement in the world’s most successful companies.


Benefits for both modes of education

DL and traditional students, in addition to everything stated here, also have the possibility of using additional services  that contribute to the quality of the teaching process and make the education cycle complete. Both modes of studying at our educational institutions are supplemented by multiple benefits in order to advance the education process. 

Online and offline library

Use of library and additional literature, possibility of suggesting new literature that would be helpful in expanding the knowledge from the field in which students are advancing, constitutes another possibility that contributes to quality of the learning process, which is available to both DL and traditional education students. 

International certification

Cooperation with preeminent companies and accreditation of teaching program realized in accordance with the group of world’s five leading universities provides students with the opportunity of taking a number of international examinations in order to receive appropriate certificates. Each of the professional qualifications acquired in this way is recognized globally, without exception, and speaks for the highest level of expertise in the selected field.

Online service

In addition to all this, students also have access to online service that enables to access all schedules, additional study materials and other important information in one place. Also, students also receive all important notifications through message information system.


Center for Career Development

 Center for Career Development’s services are also available to both DL and traditional students. The Center’s work regards connecting students with companies who employ people, distribution of job advertisements, internships and other forms of engagement, providing free education for students, providing consulting services, and help with creating a CV.

Efficient learning companion

In order to help all students advance their abilities and skills, we have also provided the efficient learning guidebook, as well as a DL course whose purpose is to help them master the methods of effective learning. These instructions help with acquiring the knowledge we have prepared in the most efficient, quickest, easiest and simplest way.

Technical support

For the purpose of full support, during the education process students also receive constant assistance from student service and technical support, who are available to students during the entire process of education as help regarding any dilemmas they may have regarding education, functioning of the distance learning platform, or in case something needs to be clarified before the enrollment itself. 

Personal Development Program for development of skills necessary for success

Besides acquiring professional knowledge, students can take part in Personal Development Program, where they will develop additional skills and competences necessary for success at any job. In their quest for development of the so-called “soft” skills they will be accompanied by preeminent experts in the field of career development and leading industry figures, who will assist them in gaining considerable competitive advantage in the job market.

Learning supported by andragogy and psychology experts

During education, students will have comprehensive support of andragogist and psychologist in the learning process, while development of learning materials take place under their expert supervision. Andragogic approach to education is specific for the fact that it takes into consideration the students’ age and their personal affinities. The program is thereby adjusted to each student’s needs, and all the more effective.
The special “architecture of knowledge” we have developed helps students to acquire and advance knowledge from the chosen area, using study methods that suit them best, in accordance with preferences, earlier education in the education process, learning style and available time, as well as much more than that. Besides acquiring knowledge in the selected area and acquiring internationally recognized certificates, “architecture of knowledge” develop in this way provides full support to the students, helping them to advance learning ability, introduces them to contemporary methods and ways of education, assists them with future career development and allows them to present the acquired knowledge and skills in the business world in the most adequate way – to be recognizable, creative and successful. 
Experience has shown that studying over the Internet offers a great number of benefits. Education must adapt to innovations and use the possibilities they bring along, since only in that way will it become more comprehensive, better and more effective.