LINK Apprentice Internship Program


You have no work experience? Your CV is empty? We have a solution for you!

We understand that it’s hard to find a job these days since nearly all employers require that you have previous work experience. LINK group has started LINK Apprentice Internship Program – the program of support for its students’ professional success, in order to help everyone realize their professional goals.

Who can apply?

All students of our educational institutions who have successfully completed their education can apply for LAP program. However, if your education is still underway, do not hesitate to apply for this internship program, because we will contact you after successful completion of your education program and notify you about the first available term.

How long does it last and what do you get?

This internship program lasts for three months and, besides filling your CV, it helps you acquire practical experience, show what you can do, advance your knowledge and learn how day-to-day work in professional environment works. On the other hand, we get a chance to work with you on new projects and generate new and original ideas together. We want you to gain profit from your knowledge in the fastest, best possible way.

What happens next?

Our goal is to offer the best students, upon completion of the internship, a chance to find the best job on the market or an opportunity of permanent employment at LINK, if you fulfill our expectations, show willingness to work and fit into the dynamic team that always makes progress and advances itself.

When does LAP program start?

LINK Apprentice Internship Program lasts for three months. After that, we accept new students into LAP, so if we don’t select you in one round, you still have a chance in the next one.
If you know how to recognize an opportunity and if you are willing to invest your time, advance yourself and learn from the best, join our team.