The Trial of Socrates: Training for teachers and students on decision-making and justice in democratic societies 

In partnership with the Embassy of the United States of America, the Institute for Contemporary Education, one of the institutions within the LINKgroup, launched theTrial of Socrates project. It is a one-of-a-kind educational project that enables civic education teachers who teach in high schools and gymnasiums to acquire new skills and familiarize themselves with the latest teaching practices in this field, as well as to empower students to change the world for the better through decision-making. The project involves a program for teachers and students that covers all the important issues and topics related to democratic decision-making and judicial processes in democratic societies.  
Teachers can attend a one-day workshop which includes the presentation of a special handbook with teaching materials concerning civic education, and students will be able to attend an interactive event, i.e. a simulation of one of the most famous trials in the history of politics recreated in a modern context  for this occasion – The Trial of Socrates in the 21st century. 
This project is designed as a combination of formal and non-formal education, in other words, the content will be presented through multimedia, with examples of real-life criminal charges. The aim is to motivate educators to focus their instruction toward nurturing a versatile, multidisciplinary problem solving among young people, with the given event as a starting point. . 
Project partners:  
  • Institute for Contemporary Education, Serbia U.S. Embassy. 



Project goals: 
  • Strengthening decision-making capacities of young people
  • Strengthening a culture of dialogue
  • Strengthening a culture of argumentation-based debate
  • Introducing young people to the achievements of democracy. 
Project results:
  • Creating a teacher’s handbook.