Together to a Better Technology: Benefits of the digital environment 

ITHS, one of the institutions within the LINKgroup, participates in the project Together to a Better Technology, supported by Erasmus. The aim of this project is to improve teachers’ qualifications, and provide knowledge to students and parents that will enable them to manage technology more easily, and use the Internet safely. When we analyze educational issues, it is noticeable that many of them arise as the result of inadequate Internet and technology use, usually out of ignorance and neglect, and that the age at which people start to use the Internet is getting lower every year. Our partners from Romania and Turkey first created the eTwinning platform for the purposes of the project, then a draft of the project, and finally contacted other schools from different countries that face the same problems through the eTwinning and School Education Gateway platforms. 
Project coordinator: Mevlana Anadolu İmam Hatip Lisesi school, Antalya (Turkey), 
Project partners: 
  • Istituto Professionale di Stato per i Servizi di Enogastronomia e Ospitalità Alberghiera, Potenza, Italy
  • Liceul cu Program Sportiv, Braila, Romania 
  • Lykeio Aharnon, Acharnes, Greece.




Project goals: 
  • Ensuring meaningful use of technology and the Internet
  • Contributing to student socialization by reducing overuse of technology and teaching them traditional children’s games to replace computer and online games
  • Developing skills needed to deal with cyberbullying by training teachers, parents and students to use the Internet safely
  • Reducing participants’ dependency of technology in schools by providing them with skills of meaningful technology and Internet use
  • Increasing attendance at social and sports events in school
  • Increasing academic achievement by reducing technological dependency and absenteeism rates.
Project results: 
  • Participants are trained in responsible and meaningful use of technology.