"srednje-skole.com": How to decide which school to enroll in?


In order for the ingenious idea about the first portal covering all high schools in Serbia to come to life and become successful reality, LINK group, company dedicated to education and professional training of young people in Serbia, has provided full support  for its best realization and business actualization.

Thanks to this successful cooperation, you can now find all information on public and private high schools in Serbia in one place, on website srednje-skole.com.


How does portal Srednje-skole work and what does it provide?

Students face numerous difficulties as they finish elementary school. They need to be resolved. Srednje-skole.com provides answers to all eighth-graders’ questions.

Besides information on high schools, addresses and telephone numbers, the website also contains enrollment schedule, with the most important dates that students need regarding enrollment, and they can also learn how many points they need for the desired school.

Also, on this website students can learn about tuition costs, download preparatory material collections, literature, etc.

Besides numerous other advantages, the website’s users can also use the forum, where they can learn about everything they are interested in, ask a question, consult with one another, ask for advice or help from other students.

Present and future high school students are not the only ones who visit this website; they are joined by the parents in the forum, too.


How did the Srednje-skole portal come to be?

Business informatics student Ljubiša Pavlović initiated this idea about an online information booklet containing a register of all public and private secondary schools in Serbia, as well as a forum where students exchange their experiences and information.

The project was started with the purpose of providing assistance to students in moments of making a decision which will considerably affect their future.

Each eighth-grader in Serbia has viewed this website 5 to 6 times on the average, and in late May and early June, when it’s enrollment time, the website has up to 300 views. 

The site is updated daily and has over 1,300 registered users! In only one year, the site has been visited around million times. This place contains everything an eighth-grade student needs for enrollment into the desired school.



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