Smart.AInnovators: Using artificial intelligence for professional development and raising civic awareness

One of the LINKgroup’s institutions, ITHS participates in another project that aims to improve digital literacy and skills. 
Over the past decade, the intensified digitalization has transformed many aspects of our work and everyday life. The fourth industrial revolution has radically transformed society, as well as the labor market. Employers are faced with difficulties in finding qualified employees in many sectors, especially in the digital sector.
Strengthening digital skills has a positive impact on industrial and technological development, and it helps build a more just, cohesive and inclusive society. Digital skills empower people of all ages to navigate the digital environment, while increasing their capacity to participate in democratic life. People with developed digital skills will be key to Europe’s economic recovery in the coming period, especially after the serious impacts of the pandemic affecting all areas of life. 
Project coordinator:  SPOLECZNA AKADEMIA NAUK,  SAN University - Poland 
Project partners:
  • A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd,Cyprus
  • PCG Polska Sp. zo.o.,Poland
  • ATERMON B.V., Netherlands
  • Information Technology High School - ITHS, Serbia



Project goals:
  • promoting the acquisition of advanced digital skills, including AI and Unity Game Development in secondary vocational schools   
  • empowering young people to link STEAM and horizontal skills, such as problem-solving, teamwork and creativity. 
Project results:
  • application and impact of AI on education, citizens, business and public interest
  • SMARTaiNNOVATORS - a toolkit for the application of AI technologies and video games in VET schools + curriculum 
  • SMARTaiNNOVATORS - virtual e-learning academy: platform, exhibition and mobile app 
  • EU SMARTaiNNOVATOR makerspace pack: digital innovators in action for social change.