"sedmica.rs": Tutorials as efficient way of spreading knowledge and skills


Having recognized the quality and enthusiasm in the wish to make knowledge and skills in the IT field available to everyone, LINK Business Incubator was glad to fully support the idea of five young and creative artists from Novi Sad to bring together rich educational material in one place as means of assistance to anyone who wants to advance the existing or acquire new knowledge and skills in the information technology field.

Thanks to this support, the idea of free tutorials became successful reality.

What does “sedmica.rs” website give you?

Everything you want to know about graphic and web design, 3D modeling, video game development, music production, you can now find on the “sedmica.rs” website.

For productive knowledge and professional success, it is important not only to learn, but to keep the knowledge active, fresh and contemporary, too. Due to constant increase of the range of new information, transfer processes have to be advanced constantly. This rule applies especially to education in the IT field, since that is the area that progresses and develops at the fastest rate.


New tutorials every day


Content on “sedmica.rs” website is updated every day. As the name Sedmica, which can be interpreted as both Seven and Week, suggests, the MO is such that each day of the week is reserved for a specific area of IT. Namely, each of the five website founders has a determined day for uploading, when he adds new tutorials from his area to the portal.  

1.   Monday is the day when you can learn about Photoshop from Marko Petrović. High-quality tutorials about Photoshop’s various possibilities and effects will help you gain better insight into this program’s functionalities.

2.   On Tuesdays, Momčilo Popov organizes web design art section, where you can learn a wealth of useful and important information on modern website principles and coding.

3.   Use the middle of the week for learning something more about designing in different 3D design programs.

4.   On Tuesdays, learn and have fun with Nikola Lukić, while you create different kinds of games through simple tutorials convenient for everyone, regardless of background knowledge.

5.   Friday is the day for musical notes, when Branislav Vajagić shares knowledge and experience you can use in music production. This category comprises different segments of creating music and lets you choose what kind of music you want to make.

6.   On Sundays, listen to interesting interviews about best works of domestic and foreign designers, photographers and painters, prepared for you by Momčilo Popov.

7.   On Sundays, you can get  new, free links, fonts, icons, website elements, descriptions of free programs, and other interesting and useful content. This is the day when you can learn about free workshops that are taking place, read important advice and instructions, and enjoy free lectures.




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