LINKgroup is taking part in yet another education modernization project

LINKgroup has once again been recognized as a partner in projects designed to modernize and improve education. This time, the company is taking part in the Erasmus+ KA2 TOGETHER project.

TOGETHER: Strengthening the integration of education and cultural heritage

The project TOGETHER is aimed at increasing digital literacy and creativity among young people by implementing the service-learning educational methodology in secondary schools. The purpose of service-learning is to strengthen students’ integration and useful activities in the current social and cultural climate.

Young people become involved in cultural heritage digitization, thus developing social and cultural awareness. At the same time, they can significantly contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage, which has a key role in the development of a society. 

Through this integration, education and culture enhance each other, and younger generations grow up to be socially responsible people aware of cultural values.


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