We help people to become more successful.

LINK group’s mission is much more than knowledge transfer. The goal of our company is to prepare the students for all the professional challenges of the future! We also want to provide our business partners and entrepreneurs with the best and most competent workforce.

Transparent approach, maximum support and developing society as a whole

We are focused on providing our students with cutting-edge and highly applicable education so as to enable them to become better and more successful, and to build new or advance existing careers. 
Education is experiencing the greatest crisis in history. It is unable to properly respond to business and other challenges of the future. It is, therefore, our vision to design education which can respond to the needs of society and the challenges of our times, and equip people with the knowledge and skills to make the world a better place.
In order to realize such high goals, it is necessary to foster the right business philosophy and work ethic. This is why dedication, a creative approach, and a constant striving toward innovation are the values that are embedded in the foundation of our company. 


Together with our students and our business and educational partners, we change and enhance education, business, and the cultural and social paradigm