MIR: (Mechatronic - IT - Robotic): Networking of schools and companies at international level 

LINKgroup’s Information Technology High School, ITHS, participates in the project MIR. The aim of this project is to harmonize school development plans with the latest international standards in education.  
The role of national and international networking with other educational institutions is very important in order to achieve the school’s mission and vision, as well as to establish links with the business sector that offers employment opportunities for our students. For that reason, our institution is planning a partnership with the secondary technical school from Slovenia, Srednja sola tehniskih strok Siska.
After the project, the teachers will apply the knowledge, competencies and experience acquired in mobility in their teaching practice, thus responding to the challenges of modern teaching: creativity, learning through good practice, project-based orientation, teaching process, access to international school networks, and the development of European competencies of teachers. 
Project coordinator: ITHS.
Project partner:
  • SŠTS, ŠIŠKA, Slovenia



Project goals: 
  • strengthening professional capacities and competencies of teachers, improving teaching quality and modernizing teaching methods in the STEM field
  • developing a plan of extracurricular activities harmonized with students’ interest in STEM
  • improving lab exercises for vocational subjects in the study program Mechatronics Technician and developing a procurement plan for the necessary lab equipment.  
Project results:
  • professional development of the teaching staff, which will contribute to the improvement of the curriculum
  • encouraging self-development among the teaching staff in order to apply the newly acquired competencies
  • empowering students to advance and expand their knowledge, and to apply it within the teaching activities (e.g. lab exercises)
  • networking with partner educational institutions and the employment sector in the country and abroad
  • modernizing and raising the quality of teaching
  • preparing students to study and work in an international environment.