Business Leadership for Digital Economy

We help you to develop your business ideas into a successful independent business.


  • You have an original business idea, but don’t know how to realize it?
  • You don’t have the necessary capital and other assets?
  • You are not sure that your idea will take hold on the market?

LINK Business Incubator will help you with turning your idea into successful reality!

Millions of extraordinary ideas often remain just that – ideas. If you don’t have enough experience or wise advice of the experienced for support, necessary environment for realizing the idea and, on top of everything else, resources to realize it, your idea, however genius, will not see the light of day.

As a socially responsible company, dedicated to education and professional advancement of young people in Serbia, whose mission is helping people to become more successful, LINK group designed this one-year program of comprehensive support to youngest entrepreneurs, because the company believes, and shows by its own example, that knowledge and talent deserve a chance.


Even the best idea needs complete support in order to become the best realization.

If you want to realize your ideas and become successful young entrepreneurs, but don’t know how, there is no need to worry, because - all you need is our support, which will help you start moving towards your goal independently and safely.

In order for your ideas to become reality, Center for Career Development has designed a unique program of support for young entrepreneurs regarding realization of innovative business ideas.

It is the LINK Business Incubator (LINK BI).

What does LINK BI give you?

A safe, experienced partner who will provide everything that is necessary in order for your idea to turn into a successful business! All you need to do is provide an original idea concerning modern concepts in education, and we will help you bring it to life within a year!


We will provide all conditions necessary for successful realization of your business idea - from capital, through technical infrastructure, to useful advice by top experts and successful entrepreneurs from different fields of business.


They are already part of the LINK Business Incubator:



We give you an opportunity and help you use the opportunity in the best possible way!


What do you need to do to become a BI candidate?

Although students educational institutions’ students have advantage in ranking of candidates for LINK BI program, we have also made the benefits of this program available to everyone who has an original idea in the sphere of modern education and wants to start an own business, and needs support. The procedure is very simple, you are 3 steps away from success. All you need to do is fill out the application, develop your business plan, and convince us at a presentation why you are the best choice we want to invest in.




Use the opportunity, turn your ideas into reality - apply for LINK Business Incubator here!