Let’s Exchange Cultures: Cultural exchange for a more comprehensive education 

Another one of LINKgroup’s educational institutions, ITHS, has contributed to educational modernization and development by participating in the project Let’s Exchange Cultures by Using Web 2.0.
The aim of the project Let’s Exchange Cultures by Using Web 2.0 is to present the culture and tradition of the participating countries through the use of a modern digital tool Web 2.0. In this way, students and teachers get the opportunity to connect with colleagues and peers from other countries and use this tool to create joint works. In addition, the Web 2.0 tool is one of the best and most efficient ways for technology-enhanced creativity in the classroom. This means that this project will help us achieve better, more effective and creative instruction, and learning experiences for students. The project will last two years, and feature both students and teachers.  
Project coordinator: SUGS Gymnasium Orce Nikolov, Skoplje, North Macedonia 
Project partners:
  • CemileYesil Anadolu Lisesi, Çorlu, Turkey 
  • Liceo Scientifico Statale Benedetto Croce, Palermo, Italy




Project goals:
  • Integrating technology in education and finding effective ways to connect students with different learning styles
  • Encouraging peer collaboration
  • Developing digital citizenship
  • Improving students’ communication, technological and language skills
  • Advanced use of Web 2.0 tool 
Project results:
  • Creating a shared logo using a 3D printer or pen that symbolizes each participating country’s culture
  • Creating a joint map with partner countries
  • Preparing an e-book with all individual and joint works of partner countries
  • Designing a poster and logo for each project with the Web 2.0 tool.