GLOBE: Using digital tools to get genuine information

LINKgroup is a partner in the GLOBE project. This project is a continuation of the Erasmus+ project The world is bigger than what you see on the screen which aims to develop critical thinking and awareness of misinformation among students. The main goal of the project is to create tools for students that will enable them to develop their media literacy and become citizens capable of recognizing misinformation and false news.

The pandemic has exacerbated the negative effects of misinformation

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the destructive harmful effects of misinformation have spread across the planet at almost the same speed as the pandemic itself. This project aims to raise students’ awareness of the dangers associated with misinformation. They will perform various activities to improve their critical thinking skills. The lack of digital competences had a negative impact on online teaching all around the world during the pandemic. Due to the enforced quarantine, students and teachers from different countries were often forced to switch to online classes. They encountered many difficulties when adapting to this situation because most of them had never used online teaching tools before. The main problems for teachers included planning online lessons, creating an interactive environment, and monitoring student progress. We believe these problems were caused primarily by a lack of digital competences, which is why the project includes activities that aim to help teachers develop their digital skills. The ITHS (Information Technology High School) and LINKgroup participate in the project together with many high schools, gymnasiums, and lyceums from Spain, Turkey, Italy, and Lithuania, thus contributing to the promotion of digital tools in education.

Project partners:

  • Dariaus ir Stasio, Gireno gimnazija. Kaunas, Lithuania
  • Sperimentale „James Joyce”, Lazio, Ariccia Italy
  • Istanbul Sehit Umut Sami Sensoy, TARSUS, Turkey
  • Information Technology High School, Belgrade, Serbia 
  • LINKgroup.




Project goals:

  • developing digital capacities of teachers and students
  • designing and creating own digital teaching materials 
  • using digital tools in online classes 
  • designing effective online lessons 
  • assessing and monitoring student progress in the application of digital tools 
  • promoting social inclusion 
  • promoting gender equality
  • improving online teaching and digital pedagogies.


Project results:

  • GLOBE Toolkit for the development of media literacy and fight against misinformation and fake new
  • GLOBE handbook and educational platform  for teacher training.