Girls Go Circular: Digital education to introduce female students to the global economy 

Female students of Savremena gimnazija and International School, educational institutions within the LINKgroup, were selected among fierce competition to participate on the project Girls Go Circular, which aims to help female students aged 14 to 18 from across Europe to master digital and entrepreneurial competencies through an online training program on circular economy. It is a notable and ambitious program initiated by the prestigious European Institute of Innovation and Technology – EIT, in partnership with the international organization Junior Achievement Europe, a leader in entrepreneurship education.  
Girls Go Circular is part of the project Skills for the Future and it aims to increase the number of women in European entrepreneurship and the digital sector, i.e. reduce gender inequality in these major fields. The main efforts are focused on countries such as Serbia, where there are few  women innovators with regard to the total population. According to a 2019 survey, there are 11% less women with developed digital skills than men in the EU, and women make up only 34% of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) program graduates, and barely 17% of ICT experts. 
Project partners:
  • European Institute of Innovation and Technology – EIT
  • Junior Achievement Europe (JA Europe)
  • DLearn – European Digital Learning Network.



Project goals:
  • international brainstorming camps organized in Italy, Hungary and Slovenia
  • developing communication skills needed for adequate presentation of innovations 
  • developing entrepreneurial skills through mentoring, whereby students will acquire entrepreneurial instinct, financial literacy, and learn how to establish mini-companies that will participate in national and European competitions at the end of the school year 
  • summit where the best student teams will get the opportunity to present their ideas, acquire teamwork skills, and their teachers will attend training to introduce challenge-based learning into the teaching process. 
Project results: 
  • increasing the number of women in the digital business sector
  • project completion certificate.