EngLIFE: Strengthening teachers’ digital competencies for lifelong learning 

International School, an educational institution within the LINKgroup, participates in the project  EngLIFE. The aim of the project is to use educational technologies innovatively so as to strengthen the professional competencies of 18 English language teachers who teach students between the ages of 14 and 17. The project is designed to provide teachers with significant skills that will be passed on to other teachers so that they too could implement innovative approaches in foreign language teaching, e.g. the EngLife methodology this project is based on.
This project will enable teachers at International School to significantly improve their competencies regarding English language teaching, and the use of educational technologies in the classroom. In turn, they will share their newly acquired knowledge with their fellow teachers, resulting in the improved quality of teaching. Learn more about the project.  
Project coordinator: LUMINAR Foundation.
Project partners:
  • Atlantic Language (Ireland)
  • Istituto Tecnico Tecnologico G. Malafarina (Italy)
  • LO Dubiecko (Poland)
  • CLV Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace z Oddzialami Dwujezycznymi im. Bohaterek Pow stania Warszawskiego (Poland)
  • International School (Serbia)
  • Platon m.e.p.e (Greece))
  • Bursa MEM (Turkey)
  • Nordic Edtech Forum N8 MTÜ (Estonia).




Project goals:
  • Training teachers to teach English in a digital environment. 
Project results:
  • Teachers trained for lifelong learning