SpeakER: Mastering languages through Escape Room courses 

ITHS, one of the institutions within the LINK group, has joined another international Erasmus project:  SpeakER. This project aims to encourage multilingualism and diversity in the EU through Escape Rooms foreign language courses. These games will involve scenarios in which students will develop the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking in a foreign language by solving language puzzles, decoding audio and written messages, communicating in a target language, and exploring the challenges and clues to “escape’ the room. 
The project goal is to provide guidance to language teachers, as well as knowledge and tools needed to create Escape Rooms. By using Escape Rooms, we will create a scenario in which students will be surrounded by elements that enable them to use a target language. The task is to escape the locked room, open the treasure chest or save their classroom by working as a team and solving riddles. 
In addition to the skills needed to practice a target language, there are two other important aspects, the first being cultural heritage. As language always reflects the viewpoints and culture of its community, it is necessary to teach students about the culture of the language they are to use. The second aspect is the development of digital competencies of language teachers. The project aims to teach them to use Escape Rooms in language courses. 
Project partners:
  • SCS Logo Psy Com, Belgium
  • Colegiul National Doamna Stanca, Romania
  • Babel Idiomas y Cultura SL, Spain
  • Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of Western Macedonia, Greece.




Project goals: 
  • Using entertainment to help students master foreign languages. 
Project results: 
  • ER and Languages: The Perfect Combination? brochure
  • creative toolbox with resources and inspirations
  • collection of 300 riddles
  • Promotion of pedagogical ER in language education handbook
  • creating 50 ER scenarios.