The Art of Debiasing: Toward a new educational paradigm  

Institute for Contemporary Education, ICE, participates in the project The Art of de-Biasing (dBias). It is a three-year project co-funded by the EU’s Erasmus+ program. In order to help students develop practical knowledge and understand what they are learning, and to help teachers achieve high learning outcomes, the Institute for
Contemporary Education, together with its partners on the dBias project, will be developing practical solutions that will completely change teaching and initiate a new educational paradigm in the next three years. 
Through this project, teachers in Serbia will get a unique opportunity to attend professional development programs, and be the first in the world to get training that will enable them to recognize students’ cognitive biases. This is a revolutionary step in the professional training and development of teachers and educators, and a radical shift to a new and improved model of education. 
Project coordinator: BASH ART CREATIVE LTD, United Kingdom. 
Project partners:
  • Национален учебен център, Bulgaria
  • Koç University, Turkey
  • Institute for Contemporary Education, Serbia  
  • Artevelde University of Applied Sciences, Belgium
  • EduLin, The Netherlands
  • DDL – Delft Digital Learning, Unipessoal LDA, Portugal
  • Drawing to Health, The Netherlands.




Project goals:
  • improving teacher-student communication through awareness-raising and understanding the nature, number, and effects of cognitive biases 
  • creating tools for collecting data on bias-related behavior: sensitivity, resilience, effects and intensity of bias in teachers and students
  • analyzing the data collected and developing a teaching strategy aimed at eliminating biases and improving student-teacher communication
  • introducing innovative and transversal toolkits to the context of adult education and training. 
Project results:
  • interactive video-material
  • tools for assessing, identifying and eliminating bias
  • network platform with adaptive learning algorithm
  • other didactic material and cognitive developmental teaching resources.