Zend certificate constitutes an industry standard for PHP certification, which confirms excellent expertise in the field of PHP programming. Examination areas specified by a board of top independent PHP experts and worldwide community assure recognition and provide clear advantage to certified Zend PHP developers.

Certification that employers value

Since examination for this certification is designed to check knowledge and competencies from real business environment, Zend certification provides confirmation of technical achievements which employers use and value when they are making a decision regarding future engagement. It often happens that possession of Zend PHP certification is decisive for engagement of future senior PHP programmers.

Certification that fulfills accreditation standards

Developed by Zend corporation in accordance with ANSI (American National Standards Institute) regulations, Zend certification program has been designed so that it tests the level of a candidate’s knowledge without influence from technologies outside PHP. The test uses sets of questions that reflect situations from real environment, including knowledge from many areas, from basic toward complex ones.