In August 2005, we became a Cambridge International School, which provides our students with an opportunity to acquire one of the most widely recognized international certificates.

Cambridge International certificates open the door to a successful career and are conducive to personal and professional advancement, while providing official recognition and certification of the acquired knowledge and skills. These certificates represent a range of professional qualifications designed for people who want to advance their careers or their levels of education. Possession of these certificates gives employers a guarantee that the candidate has top-level professional competencies, thereby providing advantage when it comes to employment. The certificates focus on a number of areas, specific for certain jobs, including ICT; business and management. They are available at different levels and suitable for students of all ages and types of experience.

As a Cambridge International School, LINK group is also accredited for IGCSE and A-levels programmes. To find out more about the Cambridge programmes and the certificates for students click here. If you wish to find out more about the programmes for teachers, visit the following link.