CARE2LEARN: Preparing for school through gamification 

Primary School Savremena, an educational institution within the LINK Edu Alliance, participates in the CARE2LEARN project which aims to help the future first-graders prepare for school through gamification. 
Readiness for school includes social maturity and skill development so that the child could overcome all barriers throughout their education. 
The main goal of the CARE2LEARN project, coordinated by the parents’ association Step By Step, is to help children and parents develop skills that will prepare them for the next step  – the first day of school through gamification, i.e. joint activities. In addition to parents, teachers and educators will also be involved in the project, thus providing additional support to preschoolers.  
Every child has an inherent need for exploration, learning and socializing. Before starting school, it is important to encourage children to develop their social-emotional competencies. Engaging children in project activities within the CARE2LEARN project will give them the opportunity to build relationships with others, and prepare to leave preschool and step into the new world of primary education.  
The first stage of the project involves research, conducted by an international project team, to define the key competencies needed for the successful transition from kindergarten to primary school, such as: fine motor skills, attention, spatial orientation, independence, as well as preparatory reading skills and elementary mathematical skills.
Starting school is a new life experience, for students and parents alike. The project will also define the key competencies that parents of preschoolers should possess to be able to support the development of their children in this period of transition from preschool education to primary school. Activities aimed at providing support to both parents and children will also be defined.  
Project partners: 
  • A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd, Cyprus
  • Primary School Savremena, Serbia.





Project goals:
  • strengthening children’s socioemotional competencies 
  • utilizing entertainment content to prepare for school
  • improving competencies and the quality of parent-teacher-student collaboration. 
Project results:
  • mobile app with the description of all key competencies and tools for their evaluation, and a game for improving the said competencies.