We are glad to inform you that LINK group, already a Cambridge International School, has now become the only accredited Cambridge Professional Development Centre for the professional advancement and certification of teachers in the region. 
This means that, in addition to teaching the students at its educational institutions, LINK group now also offers training in accordance with the highest University of Cambridge standards to all interested teachers.

Officially accredited Cambridge Professional Development Centre for teacher training and certification

For the purposes of a comprehensive improvement of the quality of education, both accredited Cambridge programmes are open to all interested teachers, so that they can acquire expert knowledge and contemporary teaching techniques, as well as certificates recognized all over the world.
The teachers who would like to develop their professional skills and acquire the Cambridge certificates and diplomas can now accomplish this with the help of LINK group, even if they are not employed at the company’s educational institutions. We currently offer the  Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching & Learning  Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching Bilingual Learners Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching with Digital Technologies.

Cambridge diplomas and certificates for the teaching elite:


1. Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching & Learning

This preparation program is designed in order to help teachers advance their professional thinking and improve the quality of their teaching in practice. It is intended for anyone who is active in teaching, in primary, secondary and higher education.
The focus is on developing knowledge, skills and understanding as the crucial aspects of teaching and learning. The teachers can learn all about the modern trends in teaching methodology, in order to adjust their lessons to the requirements of the new generations.
This program motivates teachers to research, find and apply new ideas, as well as integrate new methods and approaches into their own practice.

2. Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching Bilingual Learners

The training program for this certificate is designed in order to help educators who teach in two or more languages. It is designated for all teachers except first and foreign language teachers.

At modern institutions of primary and secondary education, teaching often unfolds bilingually. One of the languages, usually English, is not the students’ first language, which constitutes a challenge for the teachers.
The adoption of the teaching material in two languages enables the students to communicate, work and contribute at the global level.

3. Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching with Digital Technologies

Modern technology is increasingly becoming a part of everyday activities of both teachers and students. This is why its application in the education process has become unavoidable.

A program was, therefore, created to enable teachers to acquire practical knowledge and skills with regard to teaching with digital technologies.

This program is designed for all teachers and professors who wish to modernize their teaching technique and are up to date with technological development.

They will become acquainted with the potential of applying digital technologies in teaching, the required techniques and methods, as well as the ethical principles regarding the introduction of this teaching method into the education system.


Why is constant self-improvement important for teachers?


The concept of lifelong learning represents the future of education. The teachers are those who transfer knowledge, motivation and thirst for exploration to the students, and therefore they are an example the students look up to. To convey the idea of constant self-improvement and lifelong learning, they, too, have to keep improving their knowledge, skills and techniques.
A high-quality education is impossible without high-quality teaching personnel that uses proven methods and follows global trends. This is why teacher training is the key element in the mission of elevating education to a higher level. If we want our students to become educated, mature and resourceful individuals, we have to create teachers who will dedicate their professional work to building each individual.
This is why you can expect more news from LINK group when it comes to teacher training for the sake of developing modern education. More information on new certificates and programs for teachers is coming soon.