Behave Your Prints: Responsible use of technology 

The aim of the project Behave your Prints is to train young people to use technology in a responsible and useful way, which is the main reason why ICE, an institution within the LINKgroup, which supports and actively pursues similar goals, participates in this project. We live in a technology-driven world. Given that digital technologies have evolved in a relatively short period of time, we are faced with the fact that many young people don't possess adequate knowledge, and therefore use new technologies recklessly and irresponsibly.
The aim of this project is to provide support to young people (aged 14 to 18) to become active citizens in the digital society, while behaving properly and responsibly online so as to protect their online reputation, and consequently, their professional and social future. 
Project coordinator: Institute for Contemporary Education
Project partners
  • SMART IDEA, Slovenia
  • Evropska rozvojova agentura, s.r.o, Czech Republic
  • Edukopro, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Mensa Crna Gora, Montenegro.




Project goals:
  • improving media literacy
  • developing social responsibility and social activism among young people
  • raising awareness of the importance of responsible behavior online. 
Project results:
  • Behave Your Prints (BYP) methodology
  • YourPrints T-kit: a unique educational guidebook
  • digital multimedia – 5 short videos on the topic of digital footprint.