Barcode: Integrating the basics of coding into education 

ITHS, one of the institutions within the LINKgroup participates in the Barcode project. It is an Erasmus+ project that includes five partner schools under the leadership of Kretingos R. Vidmantai Gymnasium from Lithuania, one of them being ITHS, a LINKgroup educational institution. Other participants in this project are Dane Krapčev from Skopje, North Macedonia, Agrupamento de Escolas de Portela e Moscavide from Portugal, and TOKI Secondary School from Turkey.
The project will make use of the eTwinning platform that comprises five transnational mobilities, and 21 local activities. Project participants will receive training in coding, simple programming, data structure and algorithms, so that they could integrate coding into instruction. They will be able to use coding as a teaching resource in mathematics, foreign languages, natural and social sciences, and art education. The implementation of these methods and techniques will improve the quality of education, and enable them to improve their educational environment.  The participants’ eTwinning projects will become part of the European school network, and their implementation will continue even after the completion of the Barcode project. This is a great opportunity for them to improve and share their knowledge, and develop various teaching skills, such as advanced teaching tools, digital skills, foreign language competencies and communication. Most importantly – the application of innovative teaching methods will increase.
Project partners: 
  • OU Dane Krapčev - Skopje (NMK)
  • Information Technology High School (RS)
  • Agrupamento de Escolas de Portela e Moscavide (PT).





Project goals: 
  • Increasing the application of innovative teaching methods
  • Reducing prejudice about the application of innovative teaching methods
  • Raising awareness of the importance of coding as one of the tools for teaching students 21st-century skills
  • Organizing the Hackathon competition, also known as Hacking Day, Hack-Fest or Coding-Fest  (This is an event in which programmers and other software development experts work together developing software projects. Hackathons are organized for social or educational purposes. although the main goal is to develop usable software. Hackathons may have terms and conditions related to the use of a specific programming language, operating system, application, subject, or contestants’ age.).
Project results: 
  • Enabling participants to master the basics of coding, and use it in different activities.