Changing the way of education

Technology in the service of higher-quality education

Institute for Contemporary Education, located at the ground floor of Beograđanka, 5 Masarikova Street, is the place where you will encounter all aspects of contemporary education. The Institute actively works on raising the quality of education to a higher level, introducing innovation into the local education system, the promotion of technology in teaching, and organizing advanced training for people working in education.
At the Institute, you can see what learning in the unique Intelligent Classroom is like; try out modern gadgets that enrich the educational process; get informed on the possibilities of modern education; attend seminars and training programs for teachers, and acquire knowledge and skills which will help you advance your work with your students.


Supporting the education system

To ensure that the highest standards are adopted in education, the Institute constantly works on advancing its cooperation with institutions, companies and organizations of global importance. Striving to contribute to higher-quality education, the Institute organizes several types of events for teachers, psychologists, principals, experts and others who work in education:
  • seminars and debates on current topics in science and education,
  • training programs and workshops regarding innovation in education,
  • international conferences on modern education,
  • projects aimed at advancing the educational process,
  • a number of other events aimed at promoting contemporary educational methods.
The participants can implement all knowledge and skills acquired at these events in their own practice, thereby advancing the teaching at their educational institution. In addition, the Institute offers its partners expert support in the form of educational consulting, guidance in the advancement of education, and a wealth of other advice and instructions concerning work and education.

TeachingAcademy – For Excellence in Teaching

TeachingAcademy is a professional training program for the teaching staff at the Institute for Contemporary Education. It is designed for all teachers who strive to implement contemporary education techniques into their lessons and offer premium expert knowledge to their students. The seminars focus on interactive activities, placing the emphasis on active learning and the development of the students’ critical thinking.


The teachers who attend TeachingAcademy can choose the program that best suits their orientation, thus specializing their expert knowledge and standing out as leaders in education. All TeachingAcademy programs are designed so that they help you convey knowledge, regardless of whether you teach at a kindergarten, elementary school, high school or university, or work as a learning consultant, psychologist or principal.
With the aim of reaching the best results in practice, TeachingAcademy and Institute for Contemporary Education offer the following programs:

​Through advancement by international standards you will adopt useful skills, which will qualify you as an expert in education and provide you with an opportunity to find a more interesting, better paid job. TeachingAcademy is the right place for all who want to change themselves and offer new generations an education with which they will be able to achieve the highest goals.


EDUcounselor – you assistance on the road to success

EDUcounselorEDUcounselor is an Institute for Contemporary Education service intended for all parents who want to secure a successful future for their children, the students who are deciding on their future education and profession, as well as those who wish to guide their careers in the right direction and develop skills that will bring them success.

With EDUcounselor, you can receive a number of services that will enable you to safely march along the road of success in the profession best suited to your preferences:

  • Help with professional orientation: enrolment into elementary school or high school, or faculty, choice of profession,
  • Peparation for “primary finals”,
  • Legal counsel,
  • Lower scholarships.

Use EDUcounselor’s assistance and make sure that you have chosen the right direction for your education and career.


Try the latest gadgets

Institute for Contemporary Education is the only place in the region where all technical devices that can be used in the teaching process are presented in one place, in a specially designed environment – Intelligent Classroom, enriched with the latest educational technologies. In this unique show room, you will be able to try all devices and get acquainted with the efficient ways they can be applied in teaching.
Trying the educational gadgets located here, the visitors learn how they can make the learning process easier and adopt modern, applicable knowledge, while those working in education will acquire invaluable skills, which they can practically apply for advancing their work with students.
See what modern devices you can try at the Institute.

Interactive table brings more creative education

The touch-sensitive table has shown great results as a means of advancing the education process, and combined with a projector and a computer, it provides unlimited possibilities for efficient and creative learning. Try how it works using an interactive pen or your finger.

Amazon Echo – assistant whom you can ask anything

A little cone-shaped gadget keeps a multitude of answers to all kinds of questions: from facts on past events, to predicting the future of various spheres. Ask a question and try this smart assistant.

Raspberry Pi – a little computer for great knowledge

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B is one of the latest models of the new generation computers, no bigger than a credit card. This latest technological wonder plays a great role in learning computer science in contemporary schools worldwide; how exactly this gadget works, you can learn at the Institute.

3D printer turns ideas into reality

3D gadgetsThe launching of 3D printers started a veritable industrial revolution, and in some advanced countries such as the USA it entirely changed the way things are made. How it works and what creation of 3D objects layer by layer looks like, see first-hand at the Institute of Contemporary Education.

3D scanner – digital form of physical objects

The latest generation of technology has introduced another innovation -- the 3D scanner, which you can also take for a ride at the Institute for Contemporary Education. This exquisite device efficiently and quickly gathers 3D data, recognizing multidimensional objects, whose outline it then presents as a digital model.

A different way of drawing, with 3D printing pen

A special pen that draws 3D objects and turns a simple sketch into a tangible object is a great tool, which will make learning more fun than ever. Try a 3D printing pen at the Institute and learn how it can be used in teaching.

Smart ball with limitless learning potential

SPRK+ Robot BallSPRK+ Robot Ball is a ball-shaped interactive robot, launched by the Sphero company, and represents  quite a refreshment in the world of education. Easy to use, with a number of possibilities for learning through play, SPRK+ Robot Ball incites curiosity and creativity and can teach you programming, math, artistic skills and many other kinds of practical knowledge.

A man-like robot for learning through play

UBTech Alpha 1S robot is designed as a personal playing and learning assistant and its possibilities are adequate to the areas of your interest. Thanks to its specially designed 3D software, this interactive robot can be programmed to brim with lessons from various areas  – from literature, through dance and music, to yoga, football and other sports. Meet him at the Institute and discover the possibilities it brings. 

Samsung Gear VR for a real virtual adventure

Among the gadgets that have been thrilling the users all over the world in recent years is Samsung Gear VR, a glasses-like device that provides a top virtual reality experience, taking you into the world of your choice in a heartbeat.Egg chair

Egg chair for maximum comfort when studying

If you want to, you can try all the gadgets available at the Institute sitting in the specially designed egg chair. Through its design and performance, the egg chair provides the feeling of comfort and creates ideal conditions for you to try, for instance, the Samsung Gear VR.

Tablets for easier, more fun learning

The experience of adopting new knowledge is even more interesting when you introduce iPad and other tablets into the process, and access the wide range of services they let you use. You can use them every time you visit the Institute, along with the other gadgets.

Knowledge available to all!

Contemporary education promoted by the Institute is available to anyone who would like to get informed on how to advance their skills in the area of their interest, acquire new knowledge, choose the best way to modern, practically applicable education, and advance their educational practice.
Visit the Institute for Contemporary Education at the ground floor of Belgrade Palace, 5 Masarikova Street. You can schedule a visit over the phone, too, by calling 011 7856 140 or emailing the Institute at, and Institute’s expert consultants will be happy to arrange all the details of your virtual adventure with you. Take a peek into the new dimension of education!