Training in Belgrade as part of the "GLOBE" project

During the "GLOBE" project (Global-Digital Literacy Opposing Big Errors), teachers from Spain, Italy, Turkey, Lithuania and Serbia, along with their students, prepared training sessions and workshops related to safe internet navigation, advertising, social media, fake news, critical thinking, internet addiction prevention and other topics leading to digital literacy. The training in Belgrade provided an opportunity for students to reinforce their acquired knowledge through practical activities in multinational teams.

The host of the training, which took place from 23 to 27 October 2023 in Belgrade, was the Information Technology High School (ITHS). ITHS teachers and LINKgroup experts prepared workshops for teachers and students to illustrate the impact of fake news on the public, clarify the concept of critical thinking and demonstrate how to critically evaluate information or texts. Various digital tools that can be used in teaching to track student progress were also shown.

The purpose of such gatherings, among other things, is to introduce participants to the cultural heritage and tourist attractions of the host country. Accordingly, the program included a tour of the historical city center with an experienced guide, a visit to the Nikola Tesla Museum, a visit to Ada Ciganlija, and a cruise on the Sava and Danube rivers.

The goal of mutual bonding, which is also an aim of Erasmus+ projects, was enhanced by a formal dinner and a party held on the last night of the project team's stay in Belgrade.

Participants expressed their deep gratitude to the hosts for their warm welcome and the diverse program of this event. We are confident that the knowledge and fond memories they took away from this training will contribute to their personal and professional development, as well as promote our country, our city and our institution.

For more information about the "GLOBE" project, please click here.


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