Successfully completed IT FEST JUNIOR 2023: From writing the first codes to creating the first website and animations

The winter school of programming, electronics and multimedia, intended for all primary school students who have interests in the field of IT, was held from January 16 to 19, organized by the Information Technology High School - ITHS .

IT FEST JUNIOR is a specially adapted program for elementary school students, who are introduced to programming, electronics and multimedia through interesting lectures and workshops. All places at the workshops were filled in record time, which is another proof that the field of information technologies is still at the top of the interest of the new generation.

Interesting workshops delighted elementary school students

Almost every tech-loving kid's dream is to become a developer. At the first workshop, led by Nikola Dragović and Mirjana Blagojević, participants were introduced to the basic concept of object-oriented programming , using the Microsoft Visual Studio integrated development environment, and mastered the techniques used to learn how to create Windows Forms Applications in an extremely simple way.

In order for students to embark on the adventure of web design, they first need to familiarize themselves with the terminology of this field. That was the first thing they did at the web design and web programming workshop held by Mirjana Tomić and Ana Živković. After that, they created a website with great success, wrote the HTML structure of the page and styled it in the Visual Studio Code editor. Although web-designing looks complicated at first glance, it was more than interesting for all workshop participants. With great care, paying attention to every detail, they created their first web pages, which was the task they most looked forward to. 

A small electronics school , led by Andrijana Vasić and Sanja Aleksić, gathered curious students who for the first time created a timer, a transistor blinker and a refrigerator guard. In addition to getting to know the basic components in electronics, the workshop enabled the students to learn how to read electrical schematics, connect components based on schematics through the implementation of concrete projects and interesting examples.

The computer graphics and multimedia workshop is of great importance as a support for the development and visualization of the entire IT sector. Miroslav Marijanović, Saša Grozberger and Ivan Mandić introduced the participants to work in programs for processing images, sound, video files and creating animations. The finale and the most interesting part was the creation of a labyrinth in the form of a game, preparation of graphic elements for the animation of the robot and the movement of complex figures on its example. In addition, they participated in the editing of a music video in the Premier program, in which they learned to work independently. 

Valuable knowledge for starting an IT career 

On the last day of the Winter School of Programming, Electronics and Multimedia, a ceremonial awarding of certificates was held to all participants, which will remind them of their first steps in the world of IT. 

All workshops of the IT FEST JUNIOR Winter School were well attended, and students' interest in IT is constantly growing. In this way, from the very beginning of their education, elementary school students are directed towards professions that will bring them a well-paid job and a secure future.

Find out more about the Winter School IT FEST JUNIOR workshops in the video.


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