Students of LINK Edu Alliance as young delegates of the United Nations - LEA Model United Nations

Last weekend was imbued with the colours of LINK Educational Alliance and the United Nations. Savremena hosted the first in the planned series of LINK edu Alliance MUN conferences.

LEA MUN conference is a simulation of a United Nations session where students from secondary schools and faculties act as delegates of different countries of the world to solve the world’s critical problems from the perspective of the countries they represent.

Sessions started as early as Friday, 10 June, after the opening ceremony which included the official commendation of MUN directors and coordinators from LINK edu Alliance schools.

Discussing critical international topics with diplomatic gravity

Students represented the world’s countries in committees. Delegates from Spain, France, America, Serbia, China, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Türkiye, Armenia, Italy, Palestine, Switzerland and many other countries presented their arguments and the standpoints of their respective countries at the General Assembly, Human Rights Council and Security Council.

The participants discussed current challenging topics of global importance – preventing racism and violence, advancing the economic growth and sustainable development in the regions affected by war and conflicts, and ensuring international peace and global security.

History aficionados simulate the Congress of Vienna

Those willing to showcase their knowledge of history presented their countries in the Historical Committee, where they returned, as delegates of the Kingdom of France, the Kingdom of Portugal, the Austrian Empire, The Kingdom of Prussia, Bavaria, the Order of Malta and the Great Duchy of Tuscany, to early 19th century and participated in a simulation of the Congress of Vienna, which shaped Europe in the postwar period.

Result: signing of important agreements and resolutions

Sunday, 12 June 2022 was marked by signing several agreements and resolutions, celebrated at the LEA MUN ceremony’s closing ceremony, which included awards for the best delegates and the organisers of the event.

Impeccable organisation thanks to International School student Jovana Petrović

The Secretary-General of LEA MUN was Lara Veselinović, Savremena’s second-year student, who showcased exceptional organisational skills throughout the preparation and realisation of the event. Social accounts were managed by Kai Vainomaa and Anđela Todorović, Savremena’s seniors, generously aided by the creative solutions of the main graphic designer Ana Bisenić, an ITHS student. The three-day conference went smoothly also thanks to volunteer coordinator Jovana Petrović, Year 12 student at International School.

Refreshments for all participants, awards for the best – winners include International School alumnus Uroš Jež

The conference was supported by the sponsorship from Coca-Cola; participants enjoyed Rosa water and NEXT juices, courtesy of sponsorship coordinator Pavle Vučković, Savremena’s last-year student.

Special commendation also goes out to event coordinators Tamara Lazić Kapollas, Nemanja Đikanović and Marica Đurić, who backed up the excellent organisation of this event as teachers representing their school.

We heard some excellent argumentation from delegates who showcased a lot of knowledge, expertise and knowledge of the global problems, deserving awards for best delegates fronting their committees. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the best delegates – Ana Antić from “Sveti Sava” Gymnasium, Nenad Dimitrijević from the 10th Gymnasium “Mihailo Pupin”, Uroš Jež, student at the Faculty of Philosophy, and Aleksa Mišić, student from the German School in Belgrade.

LINK edu Alliance creates future leaders

Students from Savremena Gimnazija, International School and ITHS, as delegates and committee chairs, showed how LINK edu Alliance cultivates talents and educates young leaders of the future.

With all participants’ positive experiences, new friendships and all the knowledge adopted through LEA MUN, we look forward to the next year and the continuation of this wonderful new tradition.

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