Scents in the service of academic development of students

Academic socio-emotional and psychophysical development of students has always been the central focus of LINK edu Alliance. That is why we introduced high standards in our business operations, and because of them, we choose the best curricula and teachers, implement the best extracurricular programs, take care of the quality of the indoor environment, and encourage outdoor activities.

As part of the academic development of students, increasing the performance of students, as well as teachers, has always been an important topic for our educational institutions. LINK edu Alliance regularly conducts extensive secondary and primary research to find ways to improve the quality of educational processes and learning outcomes, reduce student stress and increase student concentration and motivation. A recent extensive secondary research of scientific and professional studies has led us to the conclusion that pleasant odor can have a significant effect on the performance of students and teachers.

Based on scientific research, LINK edu Alliance has determined that certain scents can increase students' concentration, attention, and amount of memory, can have an impact on long-term memory, and lead to stress reduction.

Due to these significant results, LINK edu Alliance is considering the possibility of introducing scents into its schools, faculties, institutes and professional education services through several stages, taking care that the position of the dispenser (outside the classrooms), the choice of scents and the dosage of aromas has only positive effects, but also not to cause potential negative effects.

By selecting optimal aroma manufacturers, and searching for strictly controlled fragrance oils of the highest quality and fragrance notes that would be used in our facilities, our goal is to help improve the performance of students and teachers through this project, which would have a positive impact on the quality of education in general, as well as strengthen our already high standards when it comes to hygiene and modern space.

This is just one of many examples of how our educational institutions strive to provide the best conditions for learning and development. LINK edu Alliance is proud to contribute to this important cause and continues to look for new ways to improve the quality of education.

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