Robot Pepper was a guest on public television

The humanoid robot Pepper, a teaching assistant at Primary School Savremena, together with teacher Maja Ivović and the students of this institution, was an exclusive guest on the show "RTS Lab".

The editors of the show, which deals with the promotion of science and scientific achievements, are familiar with all the innovative changes that Primary School Savremena, as part of the LINK edu Alliance, brings to education in the field of modern technology. The news that this school is using the first robot-teaching assistant in Serbia was the reason to present this unusual assistant to a wider audience, as well as Primary School Savremena as an institution that stands for modern and quality education.

What does teaching look like with the first humanoid robot assistant in Serbia

Primary School Savremena and LINK edu Alliance pay great attention to the use of modern technology in teaching. It is the only way for students to receive quality and applicable education. Robot Pepper is one of the latest innovations in this field.

This cute helper has been a teaching assistant at Primary School Savremena for six months, and during that time the impressions of teachers and students have been outstanding.

Pepper helps teachers with their routine duties and in that way allows them to focus all their attention on teaching and the classroom, while making the teaching process far more interesting and helping students to be more focused. The use of Pepper in teaching at Primary School Savremena has shown that its presence in the classroom unequivocally increases the general interest of students, but also that it has a beneficial effect on children who have difficulties in mastering the learning material.

Herald of the Future

The use of robots represents one of the important steps in the use of artificial intelligence in teaching. Namely, in addition to helping in the classroom, Pepper is also part of large scientific research within the LINK edu Alliance on the application of artificial intelligence in teaching. This systematically and carefully examines the potential and the role that new technologies can play in raising the quality of teaching.

That Primary School Savremena and the LINK edu Alliance are harbingers of positive changes in education and pioneers in the use of educational technology in teaching, was confirmed by the Dean of the Teacher Education Faculty, Danimir Mandić, who was also a guest of this show.

Quality education tailored to the needs of the modern student

The LINK edu Alliance is not only known as the most innovative community of educational institutions where teaching takes place at the highest level and in accordance with the needs of the modern time, but it is a system that selflessly shares its approaches and innovations with everyone in an effort to completely modernize teaching in the country and region.

Such is the case with the robot Pepper. Namely, the members of the LINK edu RoboTeam are working hard to make this robot speak Serbian and are preparing new innovations in its software.

Our mission is to provide modern education for everyone.

You can watch part of the show at the following link:


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