Meeting within the project "The Art of De-Biasing" (dBias): gathering in Leiria

Leiria, a tucked-away city in the central part of Portugal, was the gathering place for the "dBias" project teams at the beginning of March. One could definitely feel the spirit of Portugal – the city of Leiria itself, in addition to the magnificent castle which represents the center of cultural events, offers many places and alleys to explore. Our hosts made us feel comfortable with their warm welcome and helped us experience a part of the culture of this country. As you can imagine, working in these conditions was a really pleasant experience.

When the team already has the experience of working together and when the dynamics of the different members are known, the work runs smoothly. And that's precisely what it’s like in the dBias team. We complement each other, and we see our associates as competent interlocutors, we learn continuously, and our products are of a high level of quality.

The task at this meeting was to finalize the work on teaching strategies that are one of the project results and to agree on how to include as many teaching staff and students as possible in the research we prepared during this project.

To get more information about the project itself, we invite you to visit the following link.

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