LINKgroup (represented by Savremena Gimnazija) and its partners attended the second transnational meeting of the LEAF project at Suceava

The picturesque town of Suceava in Romania played host to the second transnational meeting of the LEAF project from November 22 to 23, 2023. The gathering brought together educators and representatives from six countries, marking a pivotal moment in their collective efforts to enhance biodiversity education.

Held as part of the LEAF project, the meeting saw the participation of teachers Dijana Šarac and Jelena Spasojević from the Contemporary Gymnasium, contributing their expertise to the collaborative task. The focus of this meeting was the presentation of modules developed by partners for the upcoming Teacher's Handbook, with the entire working package led by the team from the Contemporary Gymnasium as representatives of the LINK group, a project partner.

Over the course of two working days, partners not only showcased their modules but also engaged in live discussions about the project's future tasks and planned the continuation of their collaborative efforts. The event facilitated a dynamic exchange of ideas, fostering a sense of unity among participants.

A crucial moment in the project is the imminent completion of the Teacher's Handbook, a joint effort of the six participating countries. This handbook promises to be a valuable educational resource for future generations, serving as a significant tool for the continuous professional development of high school teachers and all enthusiasts dedicated to biodiversity conservation. Translated versions of the handbook will be available in all partner countries' languages, ensuring broad accessibility.

The handbook introduces an innovative educational model, emphasizing community-engaged learning, project-based learning, and citizen science. Students are encouraged to actively participate in monitoring and analyzing local plant biodiversity, promoting practical, experiential learning.

The meeting in Suceava proved pivotal in solidifying plans for the remaining working packages, all aimed at better organizing efforts leading to the achievement of project goals. Looking ahead, the next partners' meeting is scheduled for November next year, with the LINK group hosting the organization. This ongoing collaboration underscores the commitment of all partners to the success of the LEAF project, with Suceava serving as an unforgettable milestone in its journey.


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