LINKgroup Educational Alliance presented creative edtech ideas at the T4 Teacher Tech Summit

A leader and innovator in the field of modern education, LINKgroup once again confirmed its credibility by taking part in the global T4 Teacher Tech Summit, which took place online on 25 and 26 March 2022. The goal of the summit was to gather teachers, schools and key stakeholders with a view to increasing the impact of networking and community in education.
A global organization resolved to improve education and focused on creating initiatives and events, T4 Education organized the Teacher Tech Summit for teachers for the second year in a row. This time, T4 invited our academic director Svetlana Belić Malinić, PhD, to hold a masterclass on how to create inspirational digital content and teach teachers how to encourage their students to aim high. Svetlana presented her ideas before 37,500 teachers from 153 countries.

Best practices in teaching with digital technologies in online masterclasses

In her masterclass, dr. Belić Malinić demonstrated the pedagogical power of the TEDed, which is a fantastic tool to create engaging digital content and motivate students to learn more enthusiastically. However, she stressed that technology itself is not sufficient and that teachers need to have pedagogy in mind when preparing digital activities for students. 
dr. Belić Malinić suggested that it is important to understand the learning process and then design engaging digital content which would be uplifting and empowering for the students.

When designing engaging digital content, you should

Create activities that are intrinsically rewarding.

When your students face a challenge but have the capacity to solve it, their brain will release dopamine, which, in turn, will increase their motivation and love for learning. 

Foster teamwork but choose the members wisely.

When students trust each other, they create healthy relationships which stimulate the release of oxytocin. Through peer learning and collaboration, students will easily acquire new knowledge with zest.

Make your students happy by giving them control of their own learning.

Such agency will drive their interest and inspire them to investigate and explore various concepts. Learning will become an enjoyable experience, serotonin will rise and they will dive for more.

Inspire creativity in your classroom.

Invite students to use their imagination to produce the evidence of their learning and turn it into a formative assessment. Ask them to reflect on their accomplishments and allow their endorphins to create positive reactions.
Finally, to weave the collective impact story, try to put all these activities together. Give them various perspectives and illuminate paths to learning success. Balance a skill level and challenge level to create flow and scaffold your students in all three domains of learning: cognitive, psychomotor and affective. 

Lessons learned and teachers inspired

T4 Education launched a Teacher Tech Summit 2022 with an aim to uphold edtech values and build on the programme to include lively debates, fireside chats, innovation showcases, future of work sessions and geo-focus spotlights, private system leader roundtables, experience sharing sessions with edtech founders, all centered around the use of technology in education.
We are delighted that our LINKgroup Educational Alliance showed once again that creative ideas and inspiring lessons are heard about at the global level. With a shared understanding of the potential of technology, T4 Education and LINKgroup Educational Alliance keep on promoting innovations in education and beyond. 
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