LINKgroup donated equipment to "Bora Stanković" Elementary School in Tibužde

As part of the LINK kidZ & Youth Without Borders Community Club program, LINK Educational Alliance signed a "Cooperation Protocol" with "Bora Stanković" Elementary School in Tibužde, located near Vranje. Based on the Cooperation Protocol, IT equipment and valuable furniture were donated to the school's students and teachers, and we believe that the donation will contribute to higher teaching quality and a more pleasant time spent at school for both children and teachers.

Also, the school’s teachers are now able to participate in seminars organized by the Institute for Contemporary Education. In that way, we promote the values of cooperation, help the development of the teaching staff and enrich the base of experts in the field of education.

Challenges, ideas and joint projects

Zorana Bodiroga, the director of K–12 schools, met with Dejan Janjić, the director of "Bora Stanković" Elementary School, as well as with its teachers and students, and in a pleasant conversation discussed the challenges that their school faces, activities that can be part of joint future collaborations, ideas, proposals and the future of the school.

With this kind of gesture, LINKgroup, as a socially responsible company, encourages sustainable development, selflessly sharing its resources for the benefit of others.

We believe that this meeting is only the beginning of a beautiful collaboration, and the children's joy, enthusiasm and smiling faces confirm its importance.

You can see how it all went in the following video.

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