LINKgroup continues to shape the future of education: November and December dedicated to leadership and innovation in the field of futuristic education

As a company whose mission is to keep up with the latest trends in education at all times, LINKgroup always strives to be present at events where all the most important developments in the field of modern education take place. In order to bring about significant changes in society by providing modern education, we as an institution, believe that it is necessary to continuously incorporate new knowledge into our educational work, and actively implement revolutionary ideas presented at major global conferences dedicated to the field of education.   
LINKgroup ends an extremely productive 2021 in kind – by participating in 16 educational conferences, festivals and summits all around Europe in November only, and attending a number of formal webinars on the latest trends in education, implementation of educational technologies, digital education, and incorporation of unconventional approaches in teaching. This way, in addition to adopting the latest knowledge, LINKgroup also takes an active part in the shaping of the European and global educational scene. 
The events we participated in brought together the biggest names in the world of education, politics, business, science and technology. Hence, LINKgroup can proudly boast the incredibly good response, which is yet another proof that our company is taking great steps toward becoming the leader of Eastern Europe when it comes to modern education. In addition, we are strengthening and expanding our international educational strategy through such activities, in order to create a better and more progressive future of education.  

Diversity of educational approaches as a path toward comprehensive education 

Shaping the future is the ultimate goal of the LINKgroup’s educational strategy. 
By participating in events that address the question of education from different perspectives, we have continued to develop our multifront teaching strategies. What distinguishes LINKgroup as a leader in modern education is our active implementation of the latest technological advancements in all our institutions, and at the global level. 
Apart from implementing top-level academic competences in line with the highest global standards, our educational strategy is also focused on the development of important digital and socio-behavioral skills that are crucial for creating well-adapted and accomplished individuals in the digital world of the 21st century.   
Institutions within the LINK edu Alliance are always open to new knowledge and the application of new teaching methods, provided that they contribute to the common goal of the LINKgroup company - to create truly modern education and constantly strive for innovation. 
LINKgroup participated in the following events in November and December. 

Topic: New digital education 


1. Annual Conference European Schoolnet EMINENT 2021 – Digital education for a more inclusive future 

This conference was the place to be for all those interested in the future of education. On December 7 and 8, ministries of education, policy makers and other competent experts from all over Europe spoke about digital education, and how to make positive changes in the education process by increasing the level of inclusion. LINKgroup participated in this conference with the aim of improving the dialogue on the role of AI in education, and strategies for creating inclusion in the digital environment.   

2. FUTURIUM EU Forum – A European way to discuss the future 

FUTURIUM is a platform for discussing EU policies on digital strategies. The name of the platform epitomizes the vision aimed at creating the future through their active implementation. LINKgroup is proud to have participated in this forum, and share the common mission - modern society based on the application of digital platforms. 

3. EDEN 2021 European Online and Distance Learning Week

EDEN (European Distance and E-learning Network), an organization of which LINKgroup is a proud member, hosts an event on distance learning platforms for the sixth time, and this year’s series of webinars is dedicated to all the difficulties that the COVID-1p pandemic has brought in online teaching and learning, with special emphasis on positive practices arising from it. Among other topics discussed by experts who attended the event, the conference also addressed microcredentials and XR technology, topics of particular importance for LINKgroup.  

4. EIT Education Conference 2021: The Future of Learning

Education adapted to keep up with the continuous advancement of technology is the key to individual development. The Future of Learning is a platform that provides space for discussion on the latest trends in the transformation of educational strategies: gamification, VR, and all those forms of learning that go beyond the domain of traditional education. We participated in masterclasses, interactive sessions and lectures closely related to our area of work within the November summit. 

Topic: New competencies 


1. UNESCO BILT Learning Forum 2021 – Creating new qualifications 

This year’s BILT Learning Forum, which took place from December 7 to 9, addressed the topic of creating new qualifications and competencies, a topic that has long been trending in the world of global education. Participants of the event discussed TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) strategies, and the importance of networking as part of this concept. We were honored to participate in this event, given that a number of institutions within the LINK edu Alliance implements this type of education, and as always, we care about implementing the latest practices.  

2. EPALE Community Conference – A step forward for adult education 

EPALE, the ePlatform for Adult Learning in Europe brought together some of the most relevant stakeholders at its annual conference. This year’s conference provided an opportunity for discussion on how adult education and learning can help shape society by promoting inclusive and sustainable models of education. We are proud that LINKgroup participated in this conference, which was held on October 12-13, 2021, improving and strengthening our position as a company that continuously follows the latest trends in modern education. 

Topic: New leaderships in education 


1. Cambridge Schools Conference – Thinking about thinking 

The fact that Cambridge International Education paid special attention to the effects of developmental psychology, cognitive development and metacognition on educational processes in this year’s conference is of particular importance for LINKgroup as a company.  The experts who spoke at the conference discussed how different approaches to teaching can result in student resilience and independence. Participation in this conference is of great importance for educational institutions within LINKgroup with accreditation for international study programs. Our Academic Director,Svetlana Belić Malinić, PhD, Cambridge International Assessment consultant, and teacher professional development program supervisor, who represented LINKgroup at this conference, made a significant contribution to creating topics for this event.   

2. Pearson International School Leaders Conference 2021 – Future thinking for forward thinkers 

The Pearson International School Leaders conference 2021, held from November 23 to 25, was dedicated to leadership in education. The main topic was the development of forward thinking and its application in school practices and school groups. The conference featured truly riveting speakers who inspired the audience to future-oriented thinking. LINKgroup received the invitation for this significant event both for being a leader and education, and because of the significant success of our Academic Director, Svetlana Belić Malinić, PhD, who was among the finalists for the Pearson Global Teacher of the Year award in 2014. 

3. Science is Wonderful – #ScienceisWonderful 

The Science is Wonderful project is part of the European Commission’s initiative to bring the world of science closer to elementary and high school students across Europe. Starting November 10, participants – teachers and students alike – were able to share experiences and teaching resources at an online conference. 

4. Global Schools Festival 

Another initiative of the University of Cambridge, the Global Schools Festival, is dedicated to developing great and innovative ideas in teaching practices. This year’s festival focused on participant presentations, including LINKgroup, that presented their progressive concepts regarding teaching practices, over a year after education had been faced with a complete confusion caused by the global COVI-19 pandemic. This event, held from November 22 to 25, was an extremely dynamic and promising experience for our educators. 

5. HundrED Innovation Summit

In order to connect and network the most influential and credible innovators in the world of global education, the HundrED Innovation Summit was organized, and LINKgroup had the honor of being one of the participants of this year’s event. We had the opportunity to discuss our joint mission with some of the representatives of the largest organizations in the industry, shaping the future of education together in the most promising way. Some of the workshops in this year’s edition addressed the socio-emotional development of students, and how it impacts the concept of education, a field where we have emerged as one of the leading experts. The Brainfinity model of education, created by LINKgroup, has been shortlisted by this renowned organization among the 100 best educational innovations in the world, thus making Brainfinity another internationally recognized member of the LINK edu Alliance.

6. The Global Assessment Conference

GL Education, as a leader and one of the most relevant influencers in the field of digital assessment, brought together a network of global leaders in education, teachers, and experts in assessment and testing at this year’s edition of Global Assessment Conference to present the latest solutions and trends in the field of digital testing. The conference was aimed at recognizing all forms of assessment, and introducing the participants to different assessment options, and how digital assessment can be implemented in those areas of education where it was previously impossible. This aspect of development is extremely important for LINKgroup as a leader in the transformation of distance learning practices. 

7. Fourth European Education Summit: The Next Decade of European Education 

The European Education Summit is an annual gathering of the European Education Area which aims to bring together educational experts to share experiences, ideas and visions of modern European education. At this year’s summit, participants from EU countries discussed the status of modern education and innovations and ideas that can contribute to the progressive transformation of the entire sector in terms of inclusion of children and adults in education, implementation of digital technologies in teaching, and ways to improve the status of students and educators. This event was important for LINKgroup because of the common mission aimed at achieving European and global standards, i.e. development of the education sector in line with the requirements of the future.  

Topic: Technology


1. European Innovation Council Summit 2021

The mission of EIC is primarily to identify and support progressive and innovative technologies to create new spaces, not only within the domain of education, but at the level of the global community as well. This year’s EIC summit was characterized by the hybrid agenda which addressed the current topics in the world of education: relationship between human-centric values and the technological supremacy of Europe in the context of potential for innovation on multiple fronts, such as education, healthcare, intellectual property, and many others. Participation in this summit was a valuable experience for LINKgroup due to the stimulating effect on our inherent affinity toward technological advancement and the adoption of innovative practices throughout the LINK edu Alliance. 

2. AI in learning – Shaping the future – The many faces of artificial intelligence 

We are aware that the application of artificial intelligence has changed the world. As one of the most important topics in our educational work, and a principle we actively pursue as integral to institutions, the international virtual conference AI in learning, organized by the University of Helsinki, discussed the variations in the application of artificial intelligence through different aspects of the education process, such as AI and lifelong learning (which is one of the key concepts implemented by LINKgroup), AI in games and simulations, AI in intelligent tutoring systems (ITS), as well as ethical principles regarding the application of this technological innovation in education.

3. EDUtech Asia 2021 

As we can witness, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically accelerated the process of technology implementation in education. The EDUtech Asia 2021 online conference, held from November 9 to 11, is the largest event in the field of education in Asia, the uncontested leader in the field of edtech innovations at this moment, particularly the progressive practices of China and Korea. The conference was attended by speakers from the field of modern education, almost 250 of them, as well as innovators in the field of educational technologies. Edtech is of great importance for the educational work of LINKgroup, and by developing and actively working in this field, we want to contribute to the improvement of distance learning, develop communication, and optimize learning.

We are continuously improving the strategy and experiences of modern education 

We always strive toward the highest goals, providing the state-of-the-art experience of top-quality education. That is why networking and sharing experiences with our fellow stakeholders from the field of futuristic education are crucial for the quality of our work, and educational strategy development. 
We sincerely believe that our efforts to keep up with all the trends and innovations in education are a way to contribute to the comprehensive experience of quality and modern knowledge, for our students and educators alike. 
The transformation of education aimed at a brighter future is a vision that LINKgroup has successfully followed for 25 years, blazing new trails paved with the latest knowledge and strategies. The numbers of those who want to follow our path toward the revolution in education has been growing, and our educational odyssey is gaining a global dimension with each new day. 
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