LINKgroup – leader of modern education as representative of Serbia at Dubai Expo 2020 world exhibition

As a company that pushes the boundaries of modern education by continuously introducing the latest innovations at global level, LINKgroup has a great honor to represent Serbia as a regional leader at the Expo 2020 world exhibition which is being held in Dubai this year, from December 12 to December 18, 2021. 
This event brings together all the most distinguished innovators from different areas of public life, technology sector, art and culture. LINKgroup was chosen as the best representative of our country due to the fact that our company has strived to incorporate the most advanced ideas in our work for 25 years now, recreating a new vision of education and certification in an international context over and over again.  
The Dubai Expo 2020 is an event that provides an opportunity for collective global action to all who possess a clear vision of how they want to shape the future and redefine standards that will change the world we live in, bringing all attendees together in a futuristic environment. 
Given that we are internationally recognized as one of the leading companies in the field of modern education, LINKgroup sees this event as an opportunity to influence individual and community development in line with the demands of the 21st century, by joining forces with other global leaders and exchanging progressive ideas on the future of education and educational standards. 

Dubai Expo 2020: All global progressive ideas in one place 

The Expo 2020 in Dubai is a global event aimed at bringing together representatives from different countries so that they could share ideas and visions, and work productively together to promote world heritage.  
The strength of this type of networking is what makes this fair unique, and one of, if not the biggest global event of this type in the world – this year, 192 countries and an impressive number of organizations, which announced they would present their own progressive solutions to problems in various fields, have confirmed their attendance.
Another unique characteristic of this event is that it is organized in a visually striking environment of futuristic architecture – the entire exhibition is divided into three districts or pavilions: Sustainability, Opportunity and Mobility. LINKgroup will present our company as a leader in innovative technologies and approaches aimed at expanding the horizons of technological and societal development in this very setting.  
The activities of LINKgroup strive to create a global community that brings together people with a vision of better education and a better future, both of which are progress-oriented. 

Pavilions: We are changing the way we see the world 

Attendees of this year’s Dubai Expo 2020 will present their work and ideas in organizational pavilions, thematically designed so as to provide an immersive experience of the presented topic. Visitors and participants of the Expo will have the opportunity to explore the pavilions of 192 countries and organizations, where they will be able to sample local cuisine, try out progressive tech solutions, and experience entertainment in ways they could not even imagine. 
The slogan of the Serbian pavilion at the world exhibition is “Inspired by the Past, Shaping the Future“, and it is based on the matrix of the origins of the Vinča culture that started an explosion of progress in the field of technology, social activism, and economic innovations in the Balkan region.   
The thematic week dedicated to knowledge and learning will cover the main topics that also happen to be the field of activity of LINKgroup, including the future of education and labor, skills and TVET (technical and vocational education and training), non-formal education and knowledge systems. Precisely because of the ideas and context of this year’s Dubai Expo 2020, LINKgroup is more than ever before prepared to fully take its place in this global event, by implementing progressive projects of its own that utilize the latest technologies. 
For those who want an immersive experience of digital innovations, either face-to-face or online, it is possible to take a virtual tour through the Serbian pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020 using state-of-the-art VR technology. By combining prehistoric and futuristic concepts, all interested visitors have the opportunity to explore the 7000 years old Vinča culture using the latest technologies. 

Dynamic atmosphere for the future of education 

During the first half of the week of knowledge and learning, LINKgroup already took part in several highly relevant events and conferences dedicated to education, thus confirming its status as an active and progressive creator in the field of modern education. 
One of these events was the RewirED Summit, held on December 12-13, where we participated in the following discussions: What Does the Future of Education Hold, The Future of Learning: Rewiring Education and Digital Skills for Future Jobs. In addition, the participation in the panel World Majlis organized by Expo2020 and ExpoUSA with a topic What if we learned to learn differently? was important for our company, because the panel was aimed at promoting global dialogue and modern perspectives between innovators of different profiles.  Five heads of state, 45 ministers, and more than 2,000 participants convened at the summit to discuss the global transformation of education.
Another important event for the LINKgroup company was the Knowledge & Learning Business forum, held on December 14, where the topics of progress in the business field, and the contribution of delegates from the UAE, international participants, and Expo partners were discussed. Speakers emphasized the importance of the fact that we need diversity in the implementation of teaching methods within digital education and educational technologies. It was also underlined that innovation in education not only implies advanced technologies, but also empowering people to switch to digital thinking. 
An upcoming event for the LINKgroup at the Expo is a visit to the Finnish pavilion, where we will participate in a three-day program as a country that introduced the Finnish curriculum outside Finland, discussing important issues related to that.

LINKgroup: Still guided by the vision of the future of education in 2022 

Inspired by revolutionary ideas and progressive pedagogy, LINKgroup firmly follows the strategy of global networking, and continuous exchange of ideas so as to achieve the results that will truly make a difference in the world. 
In addition to educational institutions in Serbia, our company is also present in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine, while our unique e-Learning platform brings together students from more than 120 countries. By sharing and expanding our vision at Dubai Expo 2020, LINKgroup not only strives to develop effective partnership with world leaders and visionaries in the field of education, but also to contribute to the development of a global network of educators and improve the existing education system, by presenting our efforts aimed at bringing about the future of education. 
It is of great importance that Serbia is recognized as a country of progressive ideas and a long tradition of creating innovations, and as a place where ideas that will change the image of the world as we know it are created. That is why LINKgroup is proud to represent our country at Dubai Expo 2020, because we want to maintain our credibility in the world, and establish new potential partnerships, joining forces with others to develop new ideas.  
This is exactly what distinguished us as leaders in the field of educational innovation, and the reason for our partners’ and users’ loyalty.  
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