LINK edu Alliance – the first private educational institution in this part of Europe with access to the prestigious citation databases and services on the Web of Science platform

The LINK edu Alliance has officially become the first and only private education system in Serbia that has been given access to the famous services, data citation indexes and citation databases on the Web of Science platform.  

LINK edu Alliance becomes member of elite society that includes Ivy League universities and companies from the Fortune 500 list  

The Web of Science is the most reliable independent global citation database. It is a unique and powerful research platform that provides access to references and citations from scientific journals, international conferences, books and other documents from a variety of scientific disciplines.  
Over 9,000 leading scientific, corporate and government institutions, as well as millions of researchers use the Web of Science to conduct top-quality research studies, gain valuable insight, and make the right decisions regarding the future of their institutions and research strategies. 
Some of the users of the Web of Science include members of the Ivy League, AAU (Association of America Universities), such as Harvard, Stanford, Berklee, Columbia University and others, as well as companies from the prestigious Fortune 500 list, and the LINK Edu
Alliance has now proudly joined this elite society. 

Unlimited opportunities for development

Journals recognized and categorized by the Web of Science platform (the so-called SCI - Scientific Citation Index), are among the most renowned and prestigious publications in their scientific fields.     
Publishing papers in such journals is one of the obligations of university professors and scientific researchers, because it enables them to acquire academic and research titles, but it is also the requirement for doctoral students in order to acquire the PhD title. Moreover, educational institutions whose teachers and researchers publish in journals from the Web of Science list obtain accreditations for their study programs and institutions more easily. 
Thanks to a three-year contract signed by the LINK edu Alliance and Clarivate, owner of the Web of Science, LEA teachers, associates and students now have equal opportunities for professional development and election to academic and research titles as their colleagues from public universities and institutes. 
Before the contract between LEA and Clarivate was signed, only public universities, faculties, institutes and colleges in Serbia and the region had access to the services and databases on the Web of Science platform, while private faculties, colleges and scientific institutions did not, which is why they had difficulties achieving a satisfactory quality of scientific research.  
Thanks to the agreement between the LINK edu Alliance and the Web of Science platform, LEA teachers now have access to the most cited scientific publications (scientific papers and other documents), which enables them continuous scientific development and professional advancement, and the ability to prepare more engaging and diverse learning material in line with the latest scientific achievements that provides their students with the latest knowledge.  
In addition, thanks to the access to services and databases on the Web of Science platform, our students, i.e. new generations of science and art professionals, get a unique opportunity to conduct their research more thoroughly, improve the quality of their academic, professional and scientific papers, and improve their academic development in general.

We push the boundaries of private higher education in Serbia 

The LINK edu Alliance is committed to providing its teachers, associates and students with state-of-the-art resources and tools needed for professional and scientific development. In addition, LEA is committed to improving the quality of education in Serbia and the region through numerous partnerships and full membership in  the leading academic and business organizations and associations. 
The LINK edu Alliance as the first private education system that was given exclusive access to the Web of Science platform and its services,  seeks to raise private education in Serbia to an unprecedented level, and provide its teachers with the best opportunities for professional development and advancement.
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