ITS holds another successful Winter School of Programming and Design for high school students – IT Fest 2022

Organised each year by Information Technology School – ITS, the Winter School in Programming and Design for High School Students – IT Fest took place online this year as well, by means of live stream technology. Future IT experts and digital designers were offered a number of lectures and workshops by experienced teachers from January 31 to February 4, completely free of charge. 
A great number of students showed interest in this year’s Winter School of Programming and Design, which confirms that more and more young people see their future in the IT industry. The focus was on current IT topics and "hot" professions, and the students could learn more about cryptography and editing in Photoshop, learn how video games are made, write their first code, and much more. 
The first day of the Fest offered knowledge on the current crypto industry and cryptocurrencies; the students learned how to use Photoshop’s lighting tools and create mockups, and they were introduced to the programming language PHP.
On the second day, they had a chance to expand their knowledge of programming languages to CSS and JavaScript, try their hand at problem solving and see visual effects in the music industry in a new light, as well as observe a real example of creating a design solution through studying the case of 2022 football World Cup. 
The central day of the festival was marked by studying social networks from the business aspect, the use of artificial intelligence in the real world, as well as the concept of video game development. The students were introduced to the profitability of the IT industry, and learned about the sector’s best paying professions, as well as what exactly the term freelancer entails.
The fourth day of the festival offered further knowledge on cryptography – data protection and the implementation of cryptography techniques. The students also learned how to create composites in Photoshop, and saw how they can build a website on their own and use valuable project management tools. They also attended an animation workshop, where they were introduced to the wonderful possibilities of film as a venue of artistic expression. 
The final day of the festival was the favorite one for the students who see their future in the realm of digital design. They got a chance to create their own interactive portfolio in InDesign, as well as learn more about the importance of drawing as a foundation for the development of animation, film and video. 
This year’s IT Fest’s lectures and workshops were attended by a large number of high school students from all over Serbia, which shows that IT is the most popular field among the younger generation, and that education in this area is definitely among the most attractive options. Attending the Winter School of Programming and Design, they adopted valuable knowledge and skills that will be useful to them in further education and help orient them towards professions that will bring them profitable jobs and a secure future.
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