International School will participate in another Erasmus+ project: Teach the Future

The International School continues to successfully participate in Erasmus+ projects. This time, our school is part of the Teach the Future project aimed at integrating climate change education into secondary schools.

This project follows the previous initiative by the European Commission, Education for Climate Coalition, designed to raise awareness about the environment and climate change through education. Familiarising primary and secondary school students with environmental pollution should greatly contribute to the prevention of this global problem

A project for future environmentally aware citizens through an innovative approach to education

Committed to raising environmental awareness among young people, the International School is joining the Teach the Future project with the following goals:

  • providing teachers with quality resources containing information about the aforementioned problem, and teacher training for effective teaching;
  • motivating students and parents to take part in solving this problem by applying innovative approaches in education;
  • promoting an interdisciplinary approach to learning, and enhancing digital skills by encouraging young people to engage in science and technology and take an active part in the life of local communities.


Innovative and technologically advanced teaching tools

Innovative and technologically advanced teaching tools have been designed in order to enhance lesson content and provide accurate information about climate change. One of these tools is the "Climate Education Data Dashboard".

Students and teachers can use this instrument to access open data about climate, follow the latest news and experts’ views on the issue, and support discussions with interesting visual and audio materials.

Users can access the Climate Education Data Dashboard via computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.


A blend of education, responsibility, digital literacy, and civil initiative

In addition to the main goal of preventing environmental pollution using innovative educational models, the project aims to spread digital literacy among young people in order to improve education and environmental civil activism, and contribute to a more just society.

The Teach the Future project will encourage young people to take responsibility for their actions and behaviour that affect the environment, and to actively participate in civil initiatives within their local community.

Although initially designed to contribute to the cause of fighting for a healthier environment, the project now also encompasses general education-related problems and ways to improve civil responsibility.







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