Incredible success! ITHS and Savremena students selected among thousands of applicants for Petnica Research Center educational programs

Students of our schools have once again demonstrated their knowledge and competence, making everyone at the LINK edu Alliance  proud! 

To our great joy, talented Year 3 students of Information Technology High School - ITHS and Savremena gimnazija have been accepted to their chosen programs at the Petnica Research Center.  

Standing out amongst strong competition 

Our students managed to distinguish themselves amongst an incredibly strong competition of the very best high school students from the whole region.  

The incredible success of our students who have been selected amongst thousands of their peers is another proof that ITHS and Savremena gimnazija provide students with top-quality knowledge and prepare them for academic success in the future. 

This year, the Petnica Research Center  has invited almost 1000 high school students to apply for educational programs in 19 scientific disciplines.

We are now part of the most renowned educational institution for young people and future experts in this part of the world 

Petnica is one of the most distinguished institutions in the field of innovative science education and professional development, which aims to encourage and develop young talent. Its contribution to scientific research and its impeccable reputation is well-known in the country and beyond, and by officially joining this research center, our students have proven to be hard-working, talented, and equipped with valuable competencies. 

The Petnica Research Center (ISP) is an independent institution dedicated to the development of scientific culture and literacy, as well as education and culture. The activities of ISP are largely focused on young people – high school and university students, as well as on training teachers in the use of new techniques, methods, and content in the field of science and technology. 

As the goals, mission and vision of this research center almost perfectly match the mission of the LINK edu Alliance and its institutions, the participation of our students in the program that encourages a progressive and innovative approach to science, technology and education is of great importance for them, because they will have the opportunity to expand their horizons, skills and knowledge, and contribute to the future of their chosen science.  

Who are the future Petnica members from the LINK edu Alliance?

The Information Technology High School – ITHS and Savremena Gimnazija are highly placed among contemporary educational institutions because their students develop their talents and grow into extremely successful young people who continuously strive for knowledge, personal development, and making a contribution to science and society in general. Among them, 9 students from these two schools have been selected for Petnica programs.  

When it comes to ITHS, Year 3 student Andrija Ćurčić was accepted to the computer science program, Luka Petrović to the technical science program, and Stefan Caričić to the biomedicine program. Their success is that much sweeter given that thousands of high school students apply for seminars at the Petnica Research Center every year, but only a handful manages to pass the rigorous selection procedure.  

Apart from them, another six talented students will become part of the team that will represent their school in the best possible light. Tomislav Stošić was accepted to the experimental biology and chemistry program, Minja Ćirić and Marko Joksimović to the geography program, Nikola Dimitrijević to the chemistry program, Sofija Vejapi to the linguistics program, and Jefimija Novaković to the psychology program. 

What can our students expect at Petnica? 

During their stay at Petnica, our students who chose programs in line with their personal talents and affinities will attend a highly intensive program that involves lectures, discussions, and exercises, and requires extensive prior knowledge. The main goal of these seminars is to introduce students to all aspects of their chosen scientific discipline. 

LINK edu Alliance nurtures talents who will one day become successful researchers 

As the students of ITHS and Savremena gimnazija who were selected for Petnica programs are known to be very talented, versatile and accomplished young people, they will undoubtedly easily adapt to the unique, proactive and professional system favored by this institution, which, same as the LINKgroup, seeks to lay the foundations and generate the knowledge needed for future-ready education.

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