Gathering of the international team of the dBias project in Belgrade

One of the most important advantages of Erasmus+ projects, along with essential work on improving education, is the opportunity to present our own country to partners from other countries in the best possible light. This is exactly the idea that we were driven by when preparing the training that took place in October in Belgrade within the dBias project.

Excellent training along with an opportunity to see the treasures of Belgrade

We had already met and networked enough during the first two years of the project, so we knew how we function as a group and what kind of people come to visit us. Partners from Bulgaria took care of the content of the training, and we, the team of the Institute for Contemporary Education, had to be good hosts, and we took that role very seriously. What also worked out well for us and significantly helped us was the exceptionally beautiful "Indian summer", and all our guests were extremely happy about that. The pleasant premises of Savremena Gimnazija, where the three-day training took place, also contributed to this great atmosphere, alongside its great view of the rooftops of Belgrade. We also had help from Belgrade restaurateurs who wanted to amaze our guests with imaginative meals, magical tastes, and beautiful decorations of various specialities. No less important was the tour guide Srđan Ristić, who left the guests breathless with his stories about Belgrade, Serbia, old times, but also new anecdotes. Belgrade's museums also left a special impression, which our guests visited during the little free time they had at their disposal.

Working together on education strategies

We devoted the professional part of this gathering to educational strategies that will guide us in the best way towards the goals of our project. All participants thought about, proposed, looked at and criticized different ideas. The enthusiasm did not abate even at the end of the working day. Although aware of the fact that this project is very demanding, there is not even the slightest doubt that we will succeed in fulfilling our ideas and intentions. We are already looking forward to uploading all recorded materials to a platform that will help us analyze the biases in the educational environment, and face and deal with them.

Empowered as an international team, we parted ways with a "see you soon", that is, in a few months at a meeting in Portugal.

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