Education in our way: Maja and Pepper in the show "150 minuta"

Our educational robot Pepper and teacher Maja Ivović, after their great success on K-1 television in the show "KEC na 11", were guests of Dejan Pantelić in the popular show "150 minuta" on TV Prva. The guests of the respected journalist and editor were also the students of Primary School Savremena, Mila Dzeletovic, a fourth-grade student, and Filip Perišić, an eighth-grade student.

LINK edu Alliance, as a leader in the field of formal education and professional education, constantly pushes the boundaries of modern education. One of the ways it does it is by using the robot Pepper in the learning process. This robot is used in our educational institutions to improve the learning process and increase student motivation.

LINK edu Alliance also conducts scientific research aimed at improving education and providing new insights into how the application of robots in education can improve educational processes. This research includes various fields, from artificial intelligence to pedagogical theory and learning technology, and the results of this research will be used to improve existing education programs and apply new, more effective learning methods not only in Serbia but throughout the world.

LINK edu Alliance also promotes the use of modern educational paradigms in its educational programs. These paradigms refer to the ways in which education should be adapted to the needs of the modern age, using technology and innovative learning methods. For example, LINK edu Alliance focuses on individualized learning, where students are taught in a way that best suits their needs and interests. These initiatives are important for improving education and providing students with the tools and skills they need to successfully continue their academic and professional development.

The quality of our work is recognized by numerous parents, students and course attendees, as well as public figures. We thank Dejan Pantelić for the opportunity to be part of his great show. You can watch the report on the guest appearance of our students and teachers in the show "150 minuta" at the following link.

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