Cell One – Learning Capsule: For the ultimate 21st-century educational experience

When it comes to education at all levels, the company LINKgroup has been considered a leader and innovator in this area for more than two decades. For more than 15 years – from the first Distance Learning platform, through state-of-the-art educational technology to the most advanced methodological approaches – LINK edu Alliance institutions have been surpassing current world standards when it comes to 21st-century learning. Now it's time to go one step further.

We present to you the project Cell One – Learning Capsule, an advanced classroom for an unprecedented educational experience.

What is Cell One?

It is an upgrade of the LINK Intelligent Classroom concept. LINK Cell One presents a mobile, interactive learning space that will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology, flexible chairs, rotating and self-folding desks, moveable interactive walls – high-resolution mobile displays, as well as specialized AI software for classroom management and learning.

Cell One will provide the best conditions for an unprecedented 21st-century educational experience.

Peek into the future, step into Cell One!

Hexagonal space for the best learning

Cell One will be built in the shape of a hexagon, modeled after the shape of a honeycomb. Science has found this to be one of the most effective shapes. Thanks to this construction, LINK Cell One will ensure maximum use of space for the best educational experience, but also extra energy and motivation that helps students to concentrate and enjoy learning.

A space that can be easily adapted to different needs and purposes

LINK Cell One will be built in different ways for groups of 8 to 20 students and lecturers, who will have personalized desks and comfortable personal space at their disposal, open for interaction and easy movement around the capsule. Thanks to numerous functions and interactive equipment, the LINK Cell One space will be easily adapted to the needs of the class and can be completely transformed and adapted to different educational and other purposes in a short time.

Futuristic Space Capsule

The LINK Cell One educational space will look like a futuristic space station from the outside and inside.

Mobility – for learning anywhere

This modern capsule for advanced learning will have wheels, which will allow it to move easily and integrate into spaces of different sizes and purposes. In this way, any place can become a learning space.

A retractable roof in the form of a planetarium

When you look at the roof of the Cell One capsule, you will have the impression that you are in a planetarium: countless stars and constellations will be on it. The roof will have the ability to open and close as needed, so LINK Cell One will thus transform from a capsule into an open space.

Interactive double sliding walls

LINK Cell One will consist of double walls where it will be possible to store things, clothes and educational props. These walls will move and thus transform the space in accordance with different needs. Also, on one part of those walls, it will be possible to write and erase easily, which will give students complete freedom in research and learning, while other parts will be equipped with interactive screens of the highest resolution. Students will feel like they are scientists on a mission to one of the distant planets.

Smart Furniture for smart results

The comfort of students in the Cell One capsule will be at the highest level in accordance with the futuristic design and standards of the 21st century. The desks will be arranged in several rows, and each student will have their own space for work. Each desk will be able to rotate 360 degrees, which will provide the necessary flexibility, and easy transformation of the space for learning and for individual and team work.

It will be possible to adjust the height of the students' desks, thus enabling working at the desk while standing. It has been proven that working at a standing desk brings numerous benefits when it comes to learning, and also the psycho-physical health of students. In accordance with the recommendations of physiatrists, the chairs in Cell One space will be ergonomically designed, with the possibility of rotation for a more flexible learning experience.

LINK Cell One – for healthy and safe learning.

A place to learn as a mini research center

Within their learning space, each student will have everything they need to embark on an educational mission through the exciting realms of knowledge and learning. With their personalized ID card, the student gets access to all the equipment on the desk, and after they finish learning, the desk folds. A laptop, mouse, and iPad, as well as paper and pen, will be integrated into the desk, leaving a flat surface. Instead of the old raising of hands, students will use mobile apps to answer quickly, and the desk will have cup holders so that students can refresh themselves during class.

The teacher's desk as a command center

Although all members of the educational mission in the LINK Cell One capsule are active participants in the teaching process, each mission must have a captain, and in this case, the captain is the lecturer. His/Her desk will be equipped with all the necessary equipment, a touch screen, with the ability to control the devices of all students, options for controlling all elements of the space, as well as for managing the learning process – presenting images on the display, projecting holograms, regulating ambient lighting, etc.

Ambient lighting, sounds and smells

LINK Cell One will have multiple lighting options and its rooms will change color from normal lighting, through sky blue or laser yellow to the color of the starry sky. These changes will be accompanied by different sounds and smell that will fully evoke the atmosphere of distant planets, galaxies or any space where the learning adventure takes them.

Vivid holograms and video projections

Not only lecturers and students will participate in the teaching process in Cell One, but also holograms that bring important information from distant spaces and times. The walls of this smart capsule will also be windows from which, thanks to video projection, it is possible to see the ocean, distant planets, pyramids, historical battles, and the peaks of the highest mountains. Cell One will provide a unique educational experience that will allow students to see with their own eyes everything they are learning about.

What else will Cell One contain?

We have described only a part of what this advanced interactive learning room will contain. It will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology that is fully adapted to the teaching process and students' needs. In LINK Cell One capsule, students will have access to smart furniture, i.e. ergonomic chairs, rotating desks adjustable in height, a mini research center, interactive sliding walls, and a movable roof in the form of a planetarium.

Also, in Cell One space we will have all the necessary TV/audio/Internet technology, live stream equipment, and Audio System, as well as a hologram and video projections.

In addition to the listed segments, Cell One will also have state-of-the-art educational technology, namely tablets, computers, Visualizer, 3D printers, Charge Stations, Interactive Displays and Ambient lighting and sounds.

Advanced educational software is also an important segment of Cell One space. It is about the integrated programs, Ebrary, Online Learning Platform, Classroom Management Software, Information Systems, Homework Software, SMS System, Voting System, Educational Games, Assessment Software and EDU Social Network Software.

The future of education for the students of LINK edu Alliance has already arrived. We are preparing more innovations for an even better academic, socio-emotional and psychophysical development of students!


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