We consider social responsibility one of the most important aspects of our business. This is why every year we organize a number of humanitarian campaigns, as well as projects through which we help with development of young talents and entrepreneurship in Serbia, advance education and culture, and try to show our responsibility toward society in which we do our business. Project of free education for persons with disabilities, making of teslaways.rs website as support for Nikola Tesla Ways project, LINK Business Incubator and LINK Apprentice Program are only some of the project we realized last year. Besides that, we regularly organize free Saturday seminars for all who want to expand their knowledge, while our schools’ students visit shelters and orphanages.

Employment Fair LINK2job - Great opportunity for unemployed and employers

We have another activity lined up - on September 18, at the Crown Plaza in Belgrade, we will hold our first employment fair LINK2job. Our goal is not only to provide the best knowledge and skills to our students, but also - to help them find a job that will fulfill them, and for which they will be very well paid, as soon as possible. This is why we at the Center for Career Development decided to create the LINK2job employment fair, which will connect our students, as well as anyone else looking for work, with companies who are after quality personnel every day.
The fair’s visitors can encounter representatives of the companies they are interested in and leave them their CVs or schedule interviews. We have prepared a wealth of advice designed to facilitate the job-seeking process, along with various courses which they can use to advance their knowledge even further. The fair’s partners, various companies participating in the event, will be able to get in touch with the potential employees who can advance their business at a number of levels.  

Providing scholarships to talents through LINK Learning Foundation

Always striving to make quality education more accessible and reward talented people who deserve a boost, we established the LINK Learning Foundation, which encompasses our entire education system. This socially responsible foundation has already awarded scholarships amounting to tens of thousands of euros for various educational institutions within the LINK group system
This way, we have provided many talented young people and persons with disabilities with an opportunity to advance their knowledge and skills and, ultimately, their careers. Many LINK Learning Foundation’s scholarship recipients are now students at BusinessAcademy, ITAcademy, InternetAcademy, ITS, ITHS, Savremena International School and other LINK group’s schools, and many of them are already experiencing the benefits of the acquired knowledge and skills. But this is just the beginning; the future holds many more such scholarships.

Free education for persons with disabilities

We would like as many people as possible to have the opportunity to receive quality education that leads to certain success. In order to increase everyone’s chances of finding employment, during 2013 we gave eight free education programs for persons with disabilities residing in Serbia, and six in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Romania each. For this campaign, we provided assets worth 40,000 euros. The advantage of this kind of education is that the entire training will take place online, and the campaign was met with great public support and interest. In this way, we wanted to help persons with disabilities to acquire practical knowledge from the fields of business and information technology, which will strengthen them as competitors on the job market and support them in becoming the employer’s first choice for many positions in modern business.

Free Saturday seminars

Our mission is to let as many people as possible learn some new and useful things, and stay up to date with new requirements in the market and modern business. We organize free Saturday seminars intended for all who want to learn and advance themselves. Transmission of these seminars can be viewed live via live stream, from any place people might find themselves. In the last year, free seminars by LINK Center for Career Development were viewed by 8,000 people.

Topics are always current and in accordance with market trends, which is why they are always a subject of great interest. We think that the new age cannot be entered without constant advancement and acquiring of new skills, and we decided to bring along as many people as we can.

Support for Tesla Ways project

As Nikola Tesla was a great scientist who greatly contributed to the field of modern communication and the Internet through his remote control patent, this is one of our ways of repaying that debt to him. Our students at ITAcademy made and gave a website to the project of cultural-tourist route “Tesla Ways”. This is a project of national importance and promotes Serbia’s industrial heritage and renewable energy sources; supports tourist and industrial development of entire regions in Serbia. The importance of the project of establishing "Tesla Ways" was highlighted by as many as four ministries: Ministry of Culture and Information, Ministry of Finance and Economy’s tourism department, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, and Ministry of Energetics.


ITHS students’ visits to shelters

Last year, ITHS students visited children in the Belgrade shelter, as well as the little ones in the Zvečanska home. They spent time with the children staying there and gave them presents collected in the humanitarian campaign at our school – children’s clothing, shoes, sweets, soft drinks and notebooks.

Our students regularly participate in spending time and providing help for those who need it most, and the little ones always greet them with smiles on their faces, happy for the opportunity to spend time with them again and share nice moments.

LINK Business Incubator

Not only do we provide advanced and modern education, we also provide a chance for excellent ideas to develop into successful business projects. Within LINK Center for Career Development, we have provided the necessary resources, made available the knowledge and advice of our experts, in order to enable projects with big potential to assume an important position on the market and bring independence and increase in profit to their founders.

”Business Leadership for Digital Economy” is a unique project of support for young entrepreneurs and their original business ideas. It is our vision that, with support to entrepreneurs with original ideas, willingness and motivation for work and success, great things can be achieved, and economic and material situation of the entire country improved.

LINK Apprentice Program

We started the LINK Apprentice Program project in order to provide an opportunity to the young, ITAcademy and BusinessAcademy students, as well as ITS students, to gain practical experience, working in real business conditions at an international company. A number of candidates have taken part in this program thus far, and gained precious work experience at LINK group, which is verified by appropriate certificates, and some of them are now employed at our company. Now, for the first time, this program will be open to all young people who want to advance themselves, not only to our students. Those who make the shortlist will have a unique opportunity to be a part of our team and get a chance to learn something new, complement their qualifications and biography, meet and cooperate with new people, and advance professionally.